Inclusive language version of the Confession of 1967

As written by the Rev. Joseph Small in the introduction, "The Confession of 1967 notes that God's reconciling work in Jesus Christ and the church's mission of reconciliation are the heart of the gospel in any age, but 'our generation stands in peculiar need of reconciliation in Christ.'"

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  1. Thanks for your comment, David. That's an interesting point. This particular version of the Confession of 1967 is an unofficial version--the original version is in our Constitution. A change such as you are suggesting would require an amendment to the constitution as outlined in G-6.03 of the Book of Order. Charles

    by Charles Wiley

    September 20, 2015

  2. I support the goal of inclusive language. Why should fidelity in gay marriage be excluded from excluded from this revision? You have started a good thing . . . complete it and fix 9.47 d. The ordering of interpersonal life includes gay and lesbian marriages that are guided out of sexual anarchy by practicing fidelity in marriage, not exclusion from the discussion.

    by David A. Sterchi

    September 20, 2015