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Jesus Christ is Head of the Church

Jesus Christ and the New Form of Government

Building a Community of Faith, Hope, Love and Witness

  • Jesus Christ and the Mission of the Church
  • Jesus Christ is the Head of the Church (F-1.02)
  • Jesus Christ Calls and Equips the Church (F-1.0202)
  • Jesus Christ Gives the Church its Life & Scripture (F-1.0203)
  • Jesus Christ is the Church’s Hope (F-1.0204)
  • Jesus Christ is the Foundation of the Church (F-1.0205)
  • The Church is sent to be Christ’s Faithful Evangelist (F-1.0302(d))
  • Jesus Christ Calls the Church Ahead (F-1.0401)
  • Jesus Christ is the Foundation & Standard for All Ministry (G-2.0101)
  • Questions for Discussion
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