Lifting Up Our Voices: Creating WomanSpace on Campus

This first session of Lifting Up Our Voices is designed to help you create a women’s spiritual formation group on your campus. Before you begin please refer to the introduction to learn more about about the National Network of Presbyterian College Women (NNPCW). You will also find links to download other chapters of Lifting Up Our Voices.

Why a Women’s Group? Women in general, and college women in particular, experience life and faith in unique ways. Studies from a variety of disciplines point to females developing, learning and being socialized in ways different from males. Psychologists are coming to understand that women in late adolescence, generally speaking, develop a strong sense of identity, purpose, and faith commitment within communities of women. Our spiritual growth and experience in the church is also defined in part by our gender. Our questions and choices arise in part from our perceptions as women. Our understanding of God, our relationship with Christ, and our experience of the Spirit are impacted by our lives as female human beings..

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