Lighting the Advent Candles (general)

This set of readings for lighting of Advent candles is based on texts from the Revised Common Lectionary and is offered for general use.

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  1. alt version.. Parent: This advent candle marks the beginning of the shopping season. We celebrate the lights that are on all night during the black friday shopping frenzy. Child: Uh, dad, maybe you should have checked something besides Google for this. (lift up tablet) The PC USA website pdf says we bear witness to the light of Christ, it doesn't mention shopping lights at all. Parent: So as we wait patiently for our Christmas gifts... Child: The PC USA website says we wait with Joseph and Jeremiah for the promised salvation of the lord, who brings justice and righteousness. Parent: Well that sounds alot better than the angry bird crowd last Friday. So, while there are many lights during the Christmas season, we celebrate this one light of salvation to come.

    by Dennis Kerr

    December 2, 2012

  2. What I'm looking for are the readings that go along with the candles. Do you know where i might be able to find one? Thanks

    by Jeanne McNeal

    November 23, 2012

  3. I am working on a resource for hope, peace, joy, and love candles. Stay tuned. But these will be for various groupings of church family, not just the traditional American family, but they will include simpler parts for children to read.

    by Teresa Stricklen

    October 12, 2012

  4. The offerings for Advent Candle lighting are not children/family -friendly. Need something that relates to the themes of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love which our congregations looks forward to. Anything available? Thanks for all that you do! Nan DiGiacomo

    by Nan DiGiacomo

    October 8, 2012

  5. Well, it's too late, now for you this year, but I'll put this on my list of things to do. There are the scriptures on pp. 165-66 in the Book of Common Worship, though these don't specifically do the hope, peace, joy, and love. Sorry. And thanks for letting us know this need.

    by Teresa Stricklen

    November 29, 2011

  6. I was hoping for more Advent Candle Lighting resources than this. My themes are Hope, Peace, Joy and Love for my Advent sermons and I am looking for candle lighting services based on these themes. Grace and Peace, C.F. Hoffman

    by C.F. Hoffman

    November 18, 2011