Maundy Thursday Tenebrae Service

A service for churches that celebrate Maundy Thursday and Good Friday; also includes instructions on preparing a Tenebrae service.

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  1. Rachel, my colleague Teresa Stricklen (author of the liturgy, I think) indicates that, after the meal and table talk, the rest of the service takes about 45 minutes.

    by David Gambrell, staff

    February 28, 2015

  2. for those that have done this... I'm wondering about how much time to allow for the liturgy/service part of this?

    by rachel

    February 27, 2015

  3. I got your question from our web page about Maundy Thursday. I put the question to our research services department to see if they have any statistics on this, and they don't since we haven't asked the question in the last 14 years. Unofficially, though, Maundy Thursday is one of the most important days to most PCUSA congregations. Nearly all PCUSA churches do either Maundy Thursday or Good Friday services. Of the two, Maundy Thursday tends to be an in-house service, whereas Good Friday may be part of a community-wide service. Most churches will do a communion service on this day, and some will offer a foot or hand washing ritual. Hope this helps. And all the best for your paper!

    by Teresa Stricklen

    September 30, 2013

  4. I am writing a paper for my class "Worship" and would like to know the relevance of Maundy Thursday in today's church climate from the Presbyterian perspective, how many churches hold/teach Maundy Thursday and is it something that is becoming obsolete as far as church services...etc... We weren't given much of required information for our papers so I am looking for a little more of a current edge for my paper that I can't get from books, this is in no way a critique or put down...genuine scholarly & faithful knowledge is sought. Gratefully, Sabrina Lemons Blessings

    by sabrina

    September 28, 2013

  5. please keep sending me liturgy and related bible study material

    by rev.peter jatty singh

    March 11, 2013