O God, We Are a Church Reformed (Winfrey Gillette)

This hymn celebrating the faith of the Reformed tradition, based on Book of Order G-2.0500, was written by Carolyn Winfrey Gillette.

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  1. I might be out of my element, as I've only been a Presbyterian for about 8 years. But the term "reformed" has always interested me. It can mean so many things to so many people. I feel we are reformed in that we work and encourage others to participate in social justice, so that not just our ideals and needs are being fed, but those of community around us. Loving those who are the least of my brethren, filling hundreds of backpacks for poverty ridden children, maintaining house churches who enter into a call to serve others. I'm absolutely in love with being a Presbyterian, in knowing God knows my heart without me having to tell others or prove it in some way, even though making my Christian beliefs known should be in the forefront. We have a female pastor who tends to her flock beautifully, and I love the fact that we are encouraged to read, study, and yes, at times, doubt scripture interpretation. The human experience of questioning is ever present, and I did not find that with evangelical faiths with I turned my life over to Christ 24 years ago.

    by Diane Sower

    November 10, 2012