Prayer Litany for Celebrating Abilities and Love

Use this liturgy to honor the gifts of those with disabilities. Written by Eric W. Edwards (with a little help from his Mom, Christine Cornell).

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  1. Thanks to everyone--especially Eric and Christine. The good news is to read about Eric being ordained as a deacon. This is what inclusivness is all about--recognizing not just thegifts but the gifts of leadership people bring to the church and the family of God. People with disabilities are often denied the opportunity to serve in leadership roles, so Eric you and your church are breaking significant ground! As to the idea of sharing the gifts of writing on web sites, etc., PDC has been doing this for decades in the Inclusion Packets--formally known as Access Sunday. The Internet is opening all kinds of new opportunities to share information, the ideas of how churches are becoming more inclusive, and the excitement and new growth these gifts are bringing to congregations.. Carol, I think we'll be seeing more and more reosurces written by people with disabilities being posted on websites. The numbers of books on theology, bible study, etc., being written by persons with disabilities is increasing all the time. I think it is the result of the advances in education in the public spector at the college and post graduate levels. Now as people with disabilities enter seminary and are ordained as pastors and ecucators, the increase in theological and biblical studies being written through the lenses of disability are also helping to bring new understandings to the church. The works of Nancy Eiesland and Kathy Black reflect this advance. Blessings, Sue

    by sue montgomery

    July 27, 2011

  2. Yes. It's wonderful! Much truth spoke here. Thanks, Eric and Christine.

    by Milt Tyree

    July 27, 2011

  3. This is a beautiful litany. Thank you, Eric!! An idea for PDC-perhaps monthly e-mails to churches of inclusion ideas that can be published in the church newsletter.

    by Carol Brown

    July 22, 2011