The Report of the Middle East Study Committee

The report of the Middle East Study Committee as approved by the 219th General Assembly (2010) including the report of the Middle East Monitoring Group as approved by the 220th General Assembly (2012)

Increasingly, we find that we are living in a world with numerous walls and barriers. These are walls that force us to live in sometimes small and isolated compartments. These walls and the resulting compartments often prevent us from seeing and understanding the lives of others who live in different compartments or on the other side of the wall from us. These walls are leading many to live in fear, isolation, and poverty; therefore, preventing all parties from living in peace.

This is no more obvious than with the conflict in Israel and Palestine. Ideological, theological, political, economic, and even physical walls have been erected that are preventing the establishment of a just peace in the Middle East.

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  1. But what are we as Christians doing to help those whose compartment is not safe; Iraq and Mt. Sinjar.

    by Katheryn Lawrence

    August 13, 2014