Review of Ecumenical Agencies - WCC

At the 212th General Assembly (2000), and in response to concerns voiced within the General Assembly Council (GAC), the General Assembly Committee on Ecumenical Relations (GACER) was
asked to design a process “for review of councils and other ecumenical alliances to which the PC(USA) belongs.” The 213th General Assembly (2001) approved the decision, and the 214th General Assembly
(2002) received the first such review document, which reported on the World Alliance of Reformed Churches. This year a review team will bring to the assembly the second in the series, a review of the
World Council of Churches (WCC). The team who conducted this review included: the Reverend John Bartholomew, Ashley Seaman, and the Reverend Philip Wickeri, (members of the GACER), James Henderson, and the Reverend Heidi Husted.

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