Sanctify Them in the Truth

Some rejoice, others lament. There has been widespread reaction the passage of Amendment 10A which changes the language of our ordination standards in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).   The office of Theology and Worship has produced an interpretive piece that considers the theological and ecclesial issues raised by this new constitutional language, on the gifts and requirements for ordained service.

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  1. While the Office of Theology and Worship waxes eloquently about 10-A, posing that nothing has really changed, they should visit the Office of Reality where they can hear what the churches that are leaving the PCUSA are saying. And they should view the websites for More LIght Presbyterians and for That All May Freely Serve to listen to their gay celebration. Go back and consider the social relationships issues raised by this new constitutional language that are much more important to the preservation of our denomination than whatever the theological and ecclesiastical issues may be.

    by Bob Battenfield

    November 24, 2011

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