Thank Offering Through the Years

Presbyterian Women's Thank Offering is received annually in the fall. This offering gives women a tangible way to express their gratitude for the special blessings in their lives. Gifts from Presbyterian Women have made possible hundreds of projects, addressing issues such as  agricultural development, child care, community organization, criminal justice, drug counseling, economic justice, elderly care, employment training, homelessness, literacy, violence and women’s concerns. At least 40 percent of this offering supports health ministries throughout the world. The remaining 60 percent funds new creative ideas for mission.

Learn about the projects funded from 1988 through 2016.

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  1. The next time I hear someone ask why PW is still needed ,I will refer the person to this page. I am honored and proud to be a part of an organization that witnesses to the promise of God's kingdom in tangible ways. Nearly $26,000,000 raised since PW formed is a powerful witness to God's continue uninhabited work in this world.

    by Vickie Ito

    December 10, 2015