Presbyterian World Mission Strategic Direction

In February 2010 the General Assembly Mission Council (GAMC) of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) adopted a “strategic direction” for its Presbyterian World Mission over the next three to five years.

The mission statement of the new strategy is “to engage with U.S. Presbyterians and global partners for faithful and effective participation in God’s mission in a globalized world, growing together as communities of mission practice.”

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  1. Is there any simpler way to write this using clear, concrete words? For example, what is a "global partner," and what's the difference between a "world" and a "globalized world?" I am losing congregational support because no one knows what this kind of strategy really means. Those who read it understand it in terms relevant to themselves, and ensuing discussion often ends in significant confusion and members deciding to withhold support as a result. Surely there is some less vague way of documenting the direction we want to go!

    by Paul Gebhardtsbauer

    December 29, 2010

  2. Sorry, I have been "out of the loop" for several years. What does acommunity of mission practice look like? Are we talking "committee" here?

    by Maggie Johnson

    August 28, 2010

  3. I think you are on the right track. The 3 circles of mission interconnectedness illustrates very well the framework in which we must do mission. Lyle and I were mission volunteers in Kenya for 8 years and we experienced the give and take of good ideas from all three entities. This understanding of our connectedness fosters a lot of ownership and creativity by all of those committed to the work of the Holy Spirit though out the world. We are one in the Spirit, and that feels right as together we create structures to communicate and channel our enthusiasm.

    by (Mrs)Terry Dykstra

    August 28, 2010

  4. I appreciate our Communication colleagues putting this up on the web and look forward to hearing from Presbyterian mission leaders their thoughts about how our strategic direction fits (or doesn't!) with their sense of where God is calling our denomination in mission.

    by Hunter Farrell

    August 22, 2010