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Welcome to the blog of the Enough for Everyone program of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). By "just living" we mean both justice-based living and just simply living – freeing ourselves from the clutter of stuff so we can focus on living faithfully and living well. Join us in the exploration!

About the Author
Bryce Wiebe coordinates Enough for Everyone, a ministry of the Presbyterian Hunger Program. He loves slow food and is fascinated by the way things are made.  He is excited to dive into experiments in simplicity with you.  His sacred cow of consumption: kitchen gadgets.

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February 24, 2010

Lenten Living suggestion #4

Cultivating Mindfulness


"These days, it seems like most people (myself among them) are walking around in a state of semi-wakefulness or even complete 'sleepwalking.'  I myself fail to notice things around me from the smallest (my wife asking me to pick up milk on my way home from work or the drivers around me on the interstate) to the largest (loved ones and others who are in need of my help).


I have committed to practice regular mindfulness meditation to sharpen my observation skills and my ability to respond genuinely, coupled with a close study of the Gospels to see what is it that Jesus observes, notices, responds to, gets indignant over, gets emotionally involved in.  What an example!  I could learn who and what is worthy of my attention by watching Christ!"


- Jesse in Spring Hill, TN


Categories: Discipleship, Mission, Religion, Witness