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Satisfying the Hunger... is a blog written by the ministry staff of Evangelism & Church Growth

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March 12, 2012

More Than We Can Handle? You Can Bet On It.

I have come slowly to a new and neat friendship.  I say slowly because I really don’t want to crowd folks but I do enjoy learning what’s unique about them.  I then write a mental story based on what I think I see and hear.  The story doesn’t actually have to be true, and frankly it rarely is.


Here’s the story I wrote.  My friend dresses like an athlete and he’s fit, so maybe he’s a runner.  There was no lunch bag so eating out every day isn’t a problem, and that could mean well-educated and making a fairly …

March 6, 2012


I've noticed an interesting phenomenon.  There seems to be an increase in opportunities for more and more people to try extreme sports.  More people than ever seem to be willing to risk life and limb to skydive, base jump, paraglide, compete in extreme races like the Ironman.  At the same time, institutions are becoming more and more risk averse.  No Red Rover in gym class or swings on the playground at my children's elementary school---those activities aer too risky.

Perhaps this is why the institution of the Church finds it challenging to get momentum in church planting--new church development is …