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The Fellowship Community isn’t about advocating for a position, the Rev. Gale Watkins said.

“We’re here to encourage the evangelical community.”

That declaration was part of the Fellowship Community’s welcome-to-the 223rd-General Assembly (2018) reception Friday evening. The event drew about 15 people and was one of several welcoming and orientation events on the eve of the Assembly.

Watkins, who serves Westminster Presbyterian Church in Phoenix, is a past Assembly commissioner who said he took on the role of organizing the welcome because he was available.

“Some of us who are part of the Community here have experience (from service at past Assemblies), and we can share that.” Watkins said.

The Rev. William “Bill” Teng, a board member of the Fellowship Community who also is an Assembly commissioner from the Presbytery of Peace River, said the Community is interested in “things other than politics.”

“We’re more intentional about supporting others in ministry and prayer,” Teng said.

He added that the Fellowship Community certainly doesn’t advocate leaving the denomination.

“You can’t affect the system if you’re not part of the system,” Teng said, and the Assembly “is one of the (few) venues we have.”

Teng added that the Community tries to lessen the sense of isolation some evangelicals may feel.

The Community has planned a session for discussion and prayer on Sunday, June 17, from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. on the mezzanine level of the Marriott Grand.