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Thinking the Faith, Praying the Faith, Living the Faith is written by the PC(USA) Office of Theology and Worship.

Thinking, praying, and living the faith is at the core of ministry in the Office of Theology and Worship. In the following videos, learn more about what thinking, praying, and living the faith means to the leadership of the Office of Theology and Worship. Discover why it matters and what difference it makes in our lives, work, and worship.  

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October 13, 2014

Our Challenging Way: Faithfulness, Sex, Ordination, and Marriage

As a denomination, we are charting a distinctive way forward in addressing matters of faithfulness and sex, matters about which we disagree intensely. "Our Challenging Way," written by Barry Ensign-George and Charles Wiley of the Office of Theology & Worship, explores this distinctive way - what it is, and why we should embrace it.  "Our Challenging Way" is available here.

Categories: Theology

Tags: ga, marriage, ordination, ordination standards, our challenging way

  1. Tome, Thanks for your comment. Let me address one part of it. The paper is very much a joint effort. It is the result of many conversations, and a pretty thorough process of back and forth writing and editing. We're glad that you've found the result nuanced and balanced! Barry

    by Barry Ensign-George

    October 14, 2014

  2. I always appreciate and enjoy Barry Ensign-George's thoughtful writing and explanations, including this one. He lays out a very nuanced, balanced analysis of where we are, how we got there, and where we might go next. My sense of what's next is a bit different. Behind the complex arguments and explanations there is a political strategy playing out by LGBT activists. First, we "may" ordain practicing homosexuals and marry same gender couples. That will, in a fairly straight line, move to "should", because the advocates consider the issue a matter of social justice. And then to "must". Theological and political conservatives understand this and have made their decisions to stay for awhile longer or go now. Center liberals are the only part of the PC(USA) spectrum who have the votes to stop the "May-Should-Must" train. They might surprise me and do that for historical Presbyterian reasons of conscience. But I believe their hearts are with the activists and, when pushed, they'll be persuaded that "justice" requires uniformity. Time will tell.

    by Tome Walters

    October 14, 2014

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