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Lydia Kim is the ministry specialist for Women’s Leadership Development

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June 7, 2010

I have been tried over and over and yet I still find that I am hopeful for a good conclusion.  Allow me to explain.  Saturday May 15, my household was instantly awoken by a loud clap of thunder, a flash of lightening, and sparks flying through the night sky outside the window.  The rain was pouring like I have only seen in the movies and the thunder was right on top of us.  As the storm raged on my brothers, my boyfriend, and I watched in horror from my balcony as the water level almost covered both of my brother’s cars.  Huge street trash cans were just floating down the street.  At one point I felt a buzz move up my spine and then lightening hit a tree three houses down the way.  That tree split in half and came down on the house and through the roof into my neighbor’s bedroom.  Talk about a rude awakening.  I also know that a few of the office buildings in Victoria’s downtown area had some major damage.  The entire roof caved in at a title company I used to work for.  So many official documents and files ruined.  



Savanna home 


This is a picture of my church during the storm.  I live directly across the street so I get to take all kinds of pictures of this building.  This sure is an interesting one to add to the collection.  The water has risen to nearly the third step on the side door and covered the ground entirely.  Probably waist high water.


There are many mini stories involved throughout this past weekend that make the past couple of days some of the hardest I have been through.  However one moment has kept me hopeful.  Sunday morning I awoke to a beautiful sunrise.  As I stood outside surveying the wreckage an old green Volkswagen came puttering down the street.  I was so happy to see that my grandparents had come to see me.  Of course I started tearing up to them but my grandpa said to me, “C’mon man, relax.  It will be ok.”  Yup, he really said that.  And it so worked.  I remember to relax, look across the street at His home, and know that it will be ok. 

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