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  • YAV Expands to Scotland and Adds NYC

    Published December 23, 2014

     Northern Ireland/Scotland shared site: 

    In 2015/2016, our YAVs will be part of a shared site in Northern Ireland and Scotland. Individuals will live and serve in either Belfast, Northern Ireland or Glasgow, Scotland. Volunteers will live and serve with local churches and community projects to address the societal divisions and economic concerns in each of their local communities. As a shared site, this year the volunteers in Glasgow and Belfast will share two retreat times - one in Ireland and one in Scotland, and also be able to visit each other’s  local communities and placement sites. The Northern ...

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  • What Leads to Change?

    Published December 18, 2014





    Like many of us whose hearts have been given over to God’s reconciling work in healing the creation, I have heard many, many presentations on climate change. For at least 15 years, I have been intentionally studying and hearing about the science of it, the moral imperative behind it, the actions we can take, and the change we want to accomplish. I do not really tire of any of it. It is always good to be in a place (especially with new language, new people, new context) to affirm the things we have heard and know.


    Yet, my body ...

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  • Board Of Pensions Assistance Grants

    Published December 16, 2014

    Yesterday, we learned about where 50% of offering receipts go for the Christmas Joy Offering: Racial Ethnic Schools and Colleges. The second half of this offering is dedicated to Assistance Grants of the Board of Pensions.

    Rooted in a nearly 300-year-old tradition, the Assistance Program embodies the connectional Church at its best. As the Assistance Program relies on voluntary gifts, legacies, endowments, and one-half of the Christmas Joy Offering — not dues — for its funding, it provides a way for caring Presbyterians to support those who serve the Church during their times of need. Assistance is granted for needs that lie ...

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