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  • Ponderings

    Published August 27, 2015


    Therapy Ain't for Black Folk?!

    by Shanell T. Smith

    It's all I see in movies.
    It's all that I've heard spoken.
    "Black folk don't do therapy.
    Unless he was a 'token'
    Negros don't believe in sittin'
    With no man to help to free us
    We don't need no medication
    All we needs, we got; it's Jesus!
    Ain't no time for cryin' and frettin'.
    The chu'ch'll pray to remove the hold.
    Don't go runnin to no therapy
    Leave that mess to da white folk."
    Well, I'm Black and ...

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    From Reimagining the church

  • Ditekemena program offers support for children in the Democratic Republic of Congo

    Published August 27, 2015

    After the death of her parents, Noella was sent to live with her aunt. However, she was not there long. Her aunt’s child was often sick and she looked for someone to blame.

     “Ever since you came to this house, my child has been sick. You must be cursed. Get out of here! Go wherever you want, but don’t come back here,” her aunt told her when she was 11 years old. 

    So Noella went to the market, looking for an answer to where she should go and how she could survive. She struggled to find food to ...

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    From Global Poverty

  • Pilgrim Poems

    Published August 27, 2015


    We will
    Forget public access television. What about public access church?

    by Rose Niles

    Now that
    big bird
    is moving
    to premium cable
    it falls to us
    in the church
    as the last bastion
    of a place
    where poor children can
    free of charge
    be loved
    be taught faith
    and love
    be treated no different
    from any other child

    what a privilege to represent the
    love of Jesus
    every child

    we do that, don't we?

    all the poor children
    of every race and culture
    free of charge
    are welcome among our children

    we do that, don't ...

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    From Reimagining the church

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