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  • Recovering Reverend

    Published October 9, 2015


    Time to lay down our guns
    In the wake of yet another mass shooting, this one at Umpqua Community College, it’s time for the church to take a hard look at its values.

    by Derrick L. Weston

    Since I started writing for this blog, I have had a backlog of ideas for articles—on popular culture, theology, the future of the church, and all kinds of topics. And yet, it seems that when I finally get around to writing, there is another mass shooting, stealing the urgency from my other reflections.

    Life gets interrupted for just a minute to ...

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    From Presbyterians Today Blog: One Church, Many Voices

  • Pilgrim Poems

    Published October 8, 2015


    My untended garden
    A poem about seeing oppression in and outside the church . . . and doing nothing

    by Rose Niles

    I stare
    into my untended garden
    with its morning-dappled
    light barely whispering through the treetops—
    this bower encapsulating my tiny haven
    my church of light,
    this freshly longed for
    church in the world—
    when my eye spies a single leaf
    floating in air
    a graceful unlikely thing
    full of impossibilities,
    slowly it twirls
    disappearing on edge
    tauntingly there again
    as a stiff breeze shifts
    the violent thread,
    dancing like a hanging thing
    jerked and held in death
    in the back of ...

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    From Presbyterians Today Blog: One Church, Many Voices

  • Books without Borders

    Published October 8, 2015

    The Training Leaders for Community Transformation campaign is thrilled to partner with the “Books without Borders” program of the Presbyterian Publishing Corporation (PPC) in providing high-quality academic and professional books for the development of leaders around the world. 

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