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  • Work in common cause for the common good

    Published October 24, 2014

    From United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on United Nations Day

    The United Nations is needed more than ever at this time of multiple crises.  Poverty, disease, terrorism, discrimination and climate change are exacting a heavy toll.  Millions of people continue to suffer deplorable exploitation through bonded labour, human trafficking, sexual slavery or unsafe conditions in factories, fields and mines. The global economy remains an uneven playing field.

    The founding of the United Nations was a solemn pledge to the world’s people to end such assaults on human dignity, and lead the way to a better future. There have been ...

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    From Swords into plowshares

  • Over 99 tons of carbon offset from General Assembly!

    Published October 23, 2014

    Nearly 200 Presbyterians decided last June at the PCUSA General Assembly in Detroit to donate a carbon offset as part of their General Assembly experience. While we all continue to try to conserve energy, to support the development of renewable energy sources, and to care pro-actively for God's creation, purchasing a carbon offset means also putting some of our money voluntarily into projects that are making a difference in sequestering carbon (and hopefully building up the economic development of a community at the same time).


    I am thankful to those who helped to make this faithful contribution to care ...

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    From Eco-Journey

  • Faith intersects with the international community

    Published October 23, 2014

    by Grace Segers

    This summer, I interned at the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations, aided by a scholarship from the Peace, Justice, and Hunger Working Group. At the Ministry, I got to see the intersection of faith and international politics in action.

    The internship was simply an amazing experience. The Presbyterian Ministry at the UN is in the Church Center for the United Nations, which houses many religious non-governmental organizations. It is located directly across from the United Nations itself, so I always felt like I was right in the middle of the action. I attended numerous meetings on ...

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    From Swords into plowshares

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