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  • YoRocko Podcast

    Published July 31, 2015


    Rocky Supinger talks with Marci Auld Glass
    Pastor Marci Auld Glass talks about advocating and testifying on behalf of LGBT people and women in Idaho. (This podcast was recorded in February 2015.)


    <---- Marci Auld Glass was born and raised in Spokane, Washington but ventured to Texas to attend Trinity University, where she majored in history and international studies. After many years of serving churches in youth ministry, she attended Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, Georgia. She is now the pastor of Southminster Presbyterian Church in Boise, Idaho. She serves on the Board of the Covenant Network, the Presbyterian Mission Agency ...

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    From Reimagining the church

  • Happy Birthday, Nelson Mandela

    Published July 30, 2015

    by Willa Van Camp

    Nelson Mandela Day is celebrated every year on July 18, Nelson Mandela’s birthday. Today, July 24, there was celebration of the day which included the awarding of the inaugural Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela Prize. The prize was awarded to two laureates who have each embodied the values of Mandela in their life and work.

    The first recipient was Dr. Helena Ndume, an inspirational woman from Namibia. Ndume was forced to flee to Angola as a 15 year-old due to violence in Namibia. Though forced from her home she did not abandon her education and was able ...

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    From Swords into plowshares

  • HIV/AIDS MDGs achieved ahead of schedule

    Published July 30, 2015

    by Sarah Hoyle

    As the focus in the UN changes from the Millennium Development Goals to the Sustainable Development Goals, it is important to celebrate the Goals that have been achieved,

    When the MDGs were established, the world was gripped in a swiftly spreading AIDS pandemic that was spiraling out of control. MDG6 was established not to eliminate AIDS, but to halt and reverse its spread. An announcement was released yesterday by UNAIDS that “new HIV infections have fallen by 35% and AIDS-related deaths by 41%. The global response to HIV has averted 30 million new HIV infections and nearly ...

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    From Swords into plowshares

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