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  • How 'bout those Cubs?

    Published October 5, 2015

    My hotel window in Chicago at the recent COTE meeting (the Committee on Theological Education) gave me a view of Soldier Field, so I was able to watch constant replays of a really cool defensive play that brought a win to the Cubs over the Cardinals. And now they’ve clinched a wild card spot.

    Chicago is a great city, and for the most part we had great weather. None of that, however, is as significant to me as the existence of so much shared passion and commitment around one table. To be fair, it was many tables because there ...

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    From Surprised by Delight

  • Pastorish

    Published October 5, 2015


    A difficult truth for young church leaders
    An experienced pastor struggles to prepare new leaders for disappointment without extinguishing their passion and vision.

    by Mieke Vandersall

    I lie in bed at Stony Point Center with the cicadas lulling me back to my childhood. The sound provokes in me a memory of being alone and quiet late at night, safe and at peace, feeling at one with God. But being a city girl now, there is no way that I can fall asleep to their calls. So finding my ear plugs with hopes to clear my brain of work, I begin ...

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    From One Church, Many Voices

  • Corporate Ag Says They Will Feed the World. Really?

    Published October 3, 2015

    Since agriculture emerged 10,000 years ago, it has been smaller-scale producers who have fed the world. Industrial, high-tech and chemical-intensive farming has only been around for about 80 years, and still today it is small-scale farmers, ranchers, pastoralists and fishers who provide approximately 70% of all the food eaten on Earth[1].

    Marketing professionals and lobbyists from Monsanto, ADM and companies promoting industrial agriculture and GMOs [we’ll call that Big Ag for shorthand] have spread a myth, which people of all stripes have swallowed. This myth claims that only large-scale industrial agriculture can feed a hungry world. The myth consists of two parts: (1) More food is the answer to feeding people; (2) Corporate, industrial agriculture is the approach that can fill this need.

    First, the myth that more food will feed a hungry world.

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    From Food and Faith

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