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  • 16 Days of Activism - Day 6: What Is a White Male to Do?

    Published December 1, 2015

    by Robert Arrington

    As a white, cisgender, heterosexual male, I do not have much first hand experience in undergoing oppression. At least in the United States, I am in the majority of most social categories, so I have been in a position of privilege for all of my life. Because of this, it can appear disingenuous for a white male to join or be a leading voice for a movement brought about to end oppression, especially since some white males are in positions of power and are the agents of oppression. I think this fear of at best appearing disingenuous ...

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    From Swords into plowshares

  • Early Decision Deadline is Today!

    Published December 1, 2015

    To apply, go to 

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    From A Year of Service

  • Providing quality education to our neighbors in Zambia

    Published November 30, 2015

    If “home” for you was in the country of Zambia, 60% of your neighbors would be living below the poverty line with 42% of those people living in extreme poverty. And what would that look like on average? According to the National Demographic and Health Survey of 2014, one out of every 13 kids in your neighborhood would die before their fifth birthday, only 28% of your neighbors would have access to electricity, and less than half them would have access to improved sanitation, or the “luxury” of living in a home without a dirt or sand floor. 

    As challenging ...

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    From Global Poverty

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