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  • Reflections from the Frontline

    Published February 9, 2016


    Get your generosity groove on
    Reclaiming God as King Merrymaker for Mardi Gras

    by Roberta Updegraff

    It is hard to imagine our Lord dancing in the streets of New Orleans during Mardi Gras, but I have certainly experienced God as King Merrymaker. God takes joy in interacting with creation and in empowering us to participate in God’s mission. The Lord parades all the wonderful acts of love, mercy, generosity, and goodness we accomplish together with God. Accentuating the miraculous, or the positive, not only makes us grateful, but also inspires hope, which translates into more excitement for God’s ...

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    From Presbyterians Today Blog: One Church, Many Voices

  • Congo travel-study seminar - Reflection 8

    Published February 8, 2016

    We have been amazed by the incredible language skills of the women of East Congo, who speak to us in French, Swahili and English, and occasionally in Lingala or other local languages. Our hosts have been consistently gracious and tolerant about the more limited fluency (and unintentional gaffes) of some members of our team of “ambassadors.”

    But there is much more to effective communication than words alone. Everyone also conveys messages through gestures and body language. While our lack of proficiency in local languages is sometimes a drawback, it has never obscured the delight with which we have been received ...

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    From Reconciliation

  • Souls of White Folks

    Published February 8, 2016


    Change context, and you change people
    What I learned about the socially constructed nature of racism in the United States by going to Ethiopia

    by Jeffrey A. Schooley

    From December 30 to January 13, I had the opportunity to represent and serve Washington (PA) Presbytery as a mission partner representative to the Southwest Bethel Synod of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus (EECMY). Washington Presbytery and the Southwest Bethel Synod have had a nearly quarter-century long partnership centered on prayer, encouragement, and the sharing of resources.

    As part of the covenanted partnership, every three years the covenant must be reviewed ...

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    From Presbyterians Today Blog: One Church, Many Voices

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