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  • The Good Old (To)Days

    Published October 1, 2014

    Earlier this week I had the chance to be a part of the Western National Leadership Training conference for the Presbyterian Church (USA) in Jackson Hole, WY.  Around 100 church leaders, mostly from the area of the Rocky Mountains, came for a three-day get-together of networking, Bible study, keynotes, and workshops.  The theme of the event was leadership in changing times, and my workshop explored what it means to do ministry in a post-modern, post-Christendom, post-Christian, and post-denominational culture.

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  • Now Accepting Applications!

    Published October 1, 2014

    Now accepting applications for the 2015/2016 YAV year.

    Consider encouraging someone you know to apply today. 

    Apply Now!

    YAV 2015/2016 Deadlines: 

    Round 1: December 1, 2014 

    Deadline for National Sites

    Round 2: February 1, 2015 

    Application Deadline for National and International Sites 
    (NOTE: Round 2 is the only deadline for International Applications. Applications completed after February 1 are still eligible for service at one of our 15 national sites.)

    Round 3: May 1, 2015 

    Deadline for National Site Applications Only

    Contact the Young Adult Volunteer Office (800) 728-7228, x5024 or if you have any ...

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  • I Want YOU!

    Published October 1, 2014

    I have been feeling a lot like the 1940s Uncle Sam poster that says, “I want you” with a big finger pointing at the reader. Except I was not alive in the 1940s, I’m not male and I’m not representing the government.

    Though, I am looking for YOU to join the Ambassador program.

    I want you to join me to increase support for, increase energy around and increase awareness of all the mission work funded by the 4 PCUSA Special Offerings.

    Volunteers will meet with pastors in their area, present to congregations, tell stories of the way the ...

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