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  • Happy Earth Day 2014!

    Published April 22, 2014

    The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof! - Psalm 24:1


    Thanks be to God for resurrection joy and the gift of this good creation. In this week of Easter, we give thanks for new life, for life over death, and for the hope that pervades the hard realities of pain and suffering. Taking Christ's witness and love into the world, may we celebrate this Earth Day today, during our Earth Day Sunday worship services (whenever they might be most fitting), and in daily commitments in our personal lives.


    Resources to celebrate this Earth Day:

    • Today's ...
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    From Eco-Journey

  • Support the people of South Sudan

    Published April 21, 2014

    From our colleagues in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Office of Public Witness

    Support the people of South Sudan

    Please contact your members of congress and urge them to support increased diplomatic initiatives and funding for humanitarian aid for South Sudan.  And, urge the Secretary of State and President to use all possible means to continue to press for humanitarian access.

    The people of South Sudan are in desperate need of help.   On April 12, the United States along with the European Union and the United Nations out lined the problems and called for immediate action in a statement ...

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    From Swords into plowshares

  • Earth to PC(USA)

    Published April 21, 2014

    April 22nd is Earth Day which was originally created to raise awareness and appreciation for our planet.  Earth day is a worldwide annual event where various projects (such as tree planting, trash pick-up, and recycling programs) are scheduled to show support for the protection and preservation of the environment.   It seems like a day congregations would embrace whole-heartedly to promote caring for one of God’s greatest creations…the Earth. 

    What do Presbyterians think about conserving the environment?  Are Presbyterians likely to celebrate Earth Day?

    From a Presbyterian panel survey, nearly six in ten Presbyterians consider themselves to be ...

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    From Presbyterians by the numbers

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