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  • Living In Between

    Published July 30, 2015


    Fasting with Muslims
    My third Iftar as a campus minister, amid the swirling violence of Chapel Hill, Charlie Hebdo, and Chattanooga

    by Abby King-Kaiser

    The noise rose around me as I sat down with my overloaded paper plate. No one was yet at my table, but I had decided, for once, to do what pastors are not supposed to do and just eat. Usually at these sorts of gatherings, I circulate and chat up folks in line. If I manage to get any food, I have to scrape up the last bits and eat standing up. Not today.

    This was ...

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  • Writing in the Margins

    Published July 29, 2015


    A church for white people?
    Your mouth says, “Inclusion!” Your wallet says, “More of the same.”

    by Antonio “Tony” Aja

    What will the church be like when white people[1] become the minority in the United States? In an ever-increasing multi-cultural and multi-ethnic society—thanks mainly to immigration as well as higher birth rates among people of color—the question has great relevance. It could very well represent the main challenge faced by the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and other mainline and mostly white denominations in the 21st century.

    The 2010 US Census and more recent predictions from demographers ...

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  • PresbyHonest

    Published July 28, 2015


    Crying my way through my first year of ministry
    It sounds obvious, but few talk about it without the noble veneer of self-sacrifice: ministry is hard.

    by Layton E. Williams

    On August 1st, I will celebrate my one-year anniversary of working in ministry. When people ask how my first year went, I tell them, “This is the year I learned to cry in public.” Depending on how honest I’m feeling, sometimes I laugh and turn it into a joke before things get too awkward. Other times I let it stand, because, frankly, it’s the truth.

    I have always ...

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