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  • Providing quality education to our neighbors in Zambia

    Published November 30, 2015

    If “home” for you was in the country of Zambia, 60% of your neighbors would be living below the poverty line with 42% of those people living in extreme poverty. And what would that look like on average? According to the National Demographic and Health Survey of 2014, one out of every 13 kids in your neighborhood would die before their fifth birthday, only 28% of your neighbors would have access to electricity, and less than half them would have access to improved sanitation, or the “luxury” of living in a home without a dirt or sand floor. 

    As challenging ...

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    From Global Poverty

  • Keeping the promise of the Advent season

    Published November 30, 2015

    During this Advent season, we reflect on the influence a promise can have on our lives. God promised each of us salvation, and kept that promise with the birth of Jesus. That promise sustains and uplifts us, during good times and challenging ones.

    When we understand this deeper meaning of a promise, we also understand each of us has a special responsibility to make, and keep, faithful promises of our own. The Christmas Joy Offering is one way to do that. Each gift received equally supports two vital promises for our faith.

    Through the Assistance Program of the Board of ...

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    From Daily Offerings

  • More on COP 21

    Published November 30, 2015

    Gary has landed in Paris and will be writing soon on his experiences so far. I leave in a few days and anticipate great learnings. In the meantime, we both continue to read and find information that we hope may help you, and us, as we prepare.


    NRDC has this 4 page brief on the contours of the Paris agreement, here. On their website you can also find separate issue briefs.


    A great multi-stakeholder news source is Outreach, from the Stakeholder Forum.


    ACT Alliance, one of our umbrella faith organizations, shared a press release about the 1.8 million faith ...

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    From Eco-Journey

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