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  • Lenten resources

    Published February 12, 2016


    The annual Treading Lightly for Lent calendar was uploaded last week. If you missed it, it's not too late to add these daily action-reflection suggestions into your other Lenten disciplines! Download your Treading Lightly for Lent calendar here. (If you prefer a Word document, and want to cut/paste it to share with others, here is the Word document version of Treading Lightly.)


    Other PCUSA Lenten resources are also available. Daily scripture readings are online  here.



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  • Addressing poverty in the Philippines

    Published February 12, 2016

    You may recall there were children being abducted and tortured in northern Uganda by the Lord’s Resistance Army several years ago. Each evening they would walk many kilometers into Gulu town from the rural areas to avoid being taken during the night and ‘converted’ into child soldiers of a cult-like, rebel army. Having visited Gulu, and witnessing the traumatic impact, I vividly recall the stories and images. They were referred to as "invisible children."

    Temporary shelters in Manila.

    I recently traveled to the Philippines to meet with Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)’s global partner, United Church of Christ ...

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  • Where do your donations make an impact?

    Published February 12, 2016

    “The OGHS ministries are driven, not so much by who the recipients are, but by who we are – faithful and generous followers of Christ Jesus. As such, our intention is to follow the lead of Jesus who looks upon everyone as a valued child of God, worthy of God’s good gift of life abundant. This is our foundation and motive.”

    The Reverend Joseph Johnson 
    Evergreen Presbyterian Church - Dothan, Alabama

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