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Presbyterian Giving Catalog

The new Presbyterian Giving Catalog provides examples of how your generosity can help make an impact around the world. With examples like goats, chicks or new wells providing clean drinking water, the catalog will directly connect your church with those benefiting from your gifts.

Latest Brochures and cards

Pledge Card for 2015 Mission Pledge of Presbyterian Women

Use these pledge cards in the fall of 2014 to gather Mission Pledge commitments from members of your PW in the Congregation for the 2015 Mission Pledge.These cards are part of the 2015 Mission Pledge Packet.

The cards may be used in any way helpful to your group and giving practices. Consider the following model for use.

  • In fall 2014, distribute envelopes with pledge cards inside to each person (#10 envelopes work well). Ask each person to write her/his name on the outside of the envelope, prayerfully decide how much to give to the PW Mission Pledge in ...

Latest Bulletin inserts

2014 Peace & Global Witness Offering Bulletin Inserts

These three bulletin inserts are designed to help you promote the inaugural Peace & Global Witness Offering in your church. The download button below contains all three inserts in a single PDF file. You can also download these individually by clicking a specific insert from the following list:

Columbia: A ministry of accompaniment

Korea: Presbyterians working for reconciliation

Sudan: With God there is a way to peace

Latest Forms and applications

Presbyterian Women in the Congregation 2015 Mission Pledge Form (PDF version)

Leaders at each level play different roles in educating Presbyterian Women about the PW Mission Pledge and in collecting the pledges. Some PW in the Presbyteries ask PW in the Congregations (PWCs) to use a PWC Mission Pledge form to track the total pledge of their group. Download the PWC Mission Pledge to send to your PW in the Presbytery treasurer (or whoever is responsible for mission pledge) by November 15, 2014.

This form is electronically fillable with Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat, and is also available as a Word document that may be altered to meet the needs and ...

Latest Liturgy and worship aids

Ayudas litúrgicas 3 de agosto / Liturgical Helps August 3

Ayudas litúrgicas 3 de agosto / Liturgical Helps August 3

Latest Manuals and policies

2014 English Session Annual Statistical Report Instruction Workbook

This workbook is designed to guide you through the statistical information that you must provide to the presbytery in accordance with G-3.0202f. The Session Report is prepared annually by the Office of the General Assembly, and the information you provide will be combined with that from other PC(USA) congregations to become the “OGA Statistics” that appear annually in the General Assembly Minutes, Part II, Statistics.

Latest Video, audio and multimedia

The Youth of Parkway

The winning video of the 2014 Pentecost Offering Video Contest is from the talented young people of Parkway Presbyterian Church in Corpus Christi, Texas.

In exchange for their efforts in this creative endeavor, the Parkway youth group will receive three paid registrations for a future youth event of their choice, including the 2016 Presbyterian Youth Triennium or next Faith in 3D event in Orlando.

Please help us provide additional opportunities for our youth by making a gift to the Pentecost Offering!

Latest Publications and periodicals

Presbyterians Today - Go Figure - What seminary can do for you

August 2014
What seminary can do for you

Latest Posters and fliers

1,000 Days Conversation Starters

The first 1,000 days of a child's life, from the start of a woman’s pregnancy until the child’s second birthday, have an enormous impact on a child’s ability to grow, learn and rise out of poverty. Presbyterian Women, in partnership with Bread for the World and the 1,000 Days Movement, is working to raise awareness of the importance of maternal and child nutrition during this critical period. PW has pledged, through its partnership with Bread's Women of Faith for the 1,000 Days, to hold 1,000 conversations around the importance of child ...

Latest Reports and study guides

2014 Brief Biographical Information

Biographical sketches of persons nominated for election to General Assembly entities.  The slate of nominees being presented by the GA Nominating Committee for election by the 221st General Assembly (2014).