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10 Tips for Creating a Welcoming Environment for Young Adults

Ten Tips for Creating a Welcoming Environment for Young Adults

Latest Brochures and cards

Presbyterian Women 2016 USA Mission Experience Bookmark

Raise awareness about the 2016 USA Mission Experience to the San Francisco Bay Area and the issues that participants explored during the trip. The front of this bookmark outlines the goals of the trip and the guiding scripture; the back offers facts about the Bay Area and lists recommended reading.

Latest Bulletin inserts

2016 Thank Offering Bulletin Inserts

Use these bulletin inserts to promote giving to the Thank Offering in your congregation, presbytery or synod. Three bulletin inserts are included in this file; each one highlights a different recipient of a grant from the 2015 Thank Offering, and the life-changing work your gifts have made possible. Give now so that more life-changing ministries can be funded in 2017 from the 2016 offering. Note: These bulletin inserts are sized to fit on a half sheet of paper. They are available, preprinted in a package of 30 (10 each of the three) from PDS ($3/pkg.).

Latest Forms and applications

CSW 61 Information and Application, pdf

Join the PC(USA) delegation to the 61st session of the United Nations' Commission on the Status of Women, to be held March 13–24, 2017 in New York City. Download the letter inviting you to apply and providing you with  information about the theme, delegation activities and more. This is your chance to attend high-level sessions on UN grounds, as well as participate in the NGO CSW/NY Forum of events put on by organizations concerned with women's issues. Download the letter and application in pdf format here, or click here to download the letter and application in ...

Latest Liturgy and worship aids

2016 Thank Offering Bulletin Cover

Use this bulletin cover to promote giving to the Thank Offering in your congregation, presbytery or synod. The back cover of the bulletin cover lists the 2016 recipients of grants from the 2015 offering. Please give generously and promote vigorously so that even more ministries might receive funding in 2017 from the 2016 offering.

Print this on 8.5″ x 14″ paper. It is also available to order in packs of 20; free.

Latest Manuals and policies

"목사 청빙” 수정본 The Revised "On Calling a Pastor"

목사 청빙”은 목사 청빙위원회와 중간 의회를 위한 자료이다. 소책자의 각 섹션은 사용자들을 위하여 청빙과정의 다음 단계로 안내하며 청빙과정의 파트너들, 헌법, CLC 시스템 사용하기, 그리고 영적 분별력의 필요성을 강조하고 있다.

Latest Video, audio and multimedia

2016 Pentecost Offering Video

"We were glad to share not only God's Good News with you but also our lives because we cared for you so much."
--1 Thessalonians 2:8

The Pentecost Offering is devoted to ministries that support our young people during their "first third of life," the time from childhood through young adulthood.

Supporting congregational ministries with children, youth and young adults, as well as Presbyterian Mission Agency ministries with youth, the Young Adult Volunteer Program, and the national Educate a Child Initiative.

Watch online here.

Latest Publications and periodicals

Recordamos una narración bíblica que moldea nuestros compromisos interreligiosos

Recordamos una narración bíblica que moldea nuestros compromisos interreligiosos

Acercamiento a través del trabajo interreligioso 

Por J. Herbert Nelson, II
Secretario Permanente de la Asamblea General

Saludos en el nombre de nuestro Señor y Salvador Jesucristo:

Después de un mes de servir en la Oficina de la Asamblea General (OGA) de la Iglesia Presbiteriana (EE.UU.) como Secretario Permanente, está claro que hay sirvientes de Dios conocedores y comprometidos en nuestra denominación. He recibido llamadas, tarjetas, correos electrónicos, cartas, textos, tweets y mensajes de voz que ofrecen apoyo y oraciones. Les agradezco sus ...

Latest Reports and study guides

ACREC Statement on September Shootings

The Advocacy Committee for Racial Ethnic Concerns (ACREC) calls the Presbyterian Church (USA) to embody what it has confessed, “that the church as the possession of God must stand where the Lord stands, namely against injustice and with the wronged; that in following Christ the church must witness against all the powerful and privileged who selfishly seek their own interests and thus control and harm others. Therefore, we reject any ideology which would legitimate forms of injustice and any doctrine which is unwilling to resist such an ideology in the name of the gospel.”1

Download the statement issued September ...