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The Bible and Belhar

The General Assembly Special Committee on the Confession of Belhar has made available The Bible and Belhar, a new resource co-authored by Stephen Hayner and Mark Labberton which addresses the biblical basis of the confession. The 220th General Assembly (2012) voted to begin the process of amending The Book of Confessions to include the Confession of Belhar, and Moderator Neal D. Presa appointed the special committee to study the confession and provide education throughout the church.

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2015 Season of Peace Cards

This second edition set of peace cards can be used by children and in households during the Season of Peace, September 6 - October 4, 2015 or anytime during the year.   Each card contains a reflection, prayer and action item.

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Homelessness and Affordable Housing Sunday Bulletin Insert

Spurred by the Biblical call to shelter the homeless and feed those who are hungry, many Presbyterian congregations are making a difference in the lives of those with no place to call home. Through advocating for affordable housing, supporting shelters and transitional housing, and participating in social service programs, God’s people are helping many to see that homelessness and hopelessness need not go hand in hand.  The bulletin insert answers how congregations can help end homelessness in their communities.

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Application Form and Information Packet for 60th UN Commission on the Status of Women

Presbyterians will join our Ecumenical Women partners to advocate for justice for women at the 60th Session of the United Nations Comission on the Status of Women.

The 60th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women will tentatively meet on March 14-24, 2016. A PC(USA) orientation will be held on the Friday before the Commission meets. The NGO Committee on the Status of Women will organize a NGO Forum that usually includes a consultation day prior to the Commission and parallel events held during the meeting of the Commission. The Commission will meet at the UN headquarters ...

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Ayudas litúrgicas 30 de agosto / Liturgical Helps August 30

Ayudas litúrgicas 30 de agosto / Liturgical Helps August 30

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2015 English Session Annual Statistical Report Instruction Workbook

This workbook is designed to guide you through the statistical information that you must provide to the presbytery in accordance with G-3.0202f. The Session Report is prepared annually by the Office of the General Assembly, and the information you provide will be combined with that from other PC(USA) congregations to become the “OGA Statistics” that appear annually in the General Assembly Minutes, Part II, Statistics.

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2015 Peace & Global Witness Quick Links

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We are so glad to have such a wide range of offerings materials to support your Peace & Global Witness promotion activities. But we also know it can be difficult to scroll through the pages to find it all. Here are our most popular resources for 2015: 

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Proposed Docket - 222nd General Assembly (2016)

The 222nd General Assembly will convene with worship at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, June 18, and adjourn no later than noon on Saturday, June 25. Some important events precede the official start of the assembly: on Saturday morning, commissioners and advisory delegates are invited take part in Riverside Conversations - a debate-free time to begin conversing about some of the topics before the assembly.

The proposed docket includes more information on the official assembly meetings.

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2015 International Peacemakers

Since 1984, more than 300 International Peacemakers from more than 60 countries have been hosted by Presbyterians. They visit presbyteries and churches to share the realities of peace and reconciliation work around the world.


Meet the 2015 Peacemakers

2015 Presbyteries Hosting Peacemakers

Peacemakers since 2003


International Peacemakers are supported by your gifts to the Peace & Global Witness Offering.

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2015 Peace & Global Witness Children's Activity

Ideas to include children into Peace & Global Witness Offering planning (can be revised to include the entire congregation).