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10 Tips for Creating a Welcoming Environment for Young Adults

Ten Tips for Creating a Welcoming Environment for Young Adults

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Go. Disciple. Live.

If you believe the church of Jesus Christ is dying, STOP.  We see the church of Jesus Christ alive.  Find out how our work in Evangelism and Church Growth ministries supports this belief.   






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Changing Lives bulletin insert - October 2014

Changing Lives, a monthly e-letter from Deputy Executive Director for Mission, Roger Dermody which celebrates how God is changing lives through Presbyterian mission, is also available as bulletin insert.

In the midst of the changing seasons, God’s spirit continues to nudge us into new and engaging ways of reaching out to those seeking the hope of the Gospel.

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New Worshiping Communities Seed Grant

These grants are intended to support operating/program purposes such as salary and benefits, insurance, rent, educational materials, etc... These grants are limited to new worshiping communities that are related to the Presbyterian Church (USA), located within the United States and Puerto Rico and were ordinarily established no earlier than July 2010.

New worshiping communities may apply for a one-time Seed Grant of up to $7,500.  Matching funds are not required.  This grant is designed to encourage the birth of new worshiping communities through congregations and presbyteries rather than to fund the expansion or support of existing congregations or ...

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Ayudas litúrgicas 19 de octubre / Liturgical Helps October 19

Ayudas litúrgicas 19 de octubre / Liturgical Helps October 19

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Comparison of the proposed amendment of W-4.9000 on marriage

A side by side comparison of the proposed amendment of W-4.9000 on marriage and the current wording.

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Season of Peace Logo

Graphic logo for the Season of Peace for use on websites, newsletters, or bulletins. Also available in black & white.

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221st General Assembly (2014) Voting Tallies

Proposed Amendments to the Constitution

Approved By The 221st General Assembly (2014)
Approval of Belhar requires 114 affirmative votes; all other amendments require 86 affirmative votes

    Affirm. Neg. No Action
14-1 Confession of Belhar: Amending The Book of Confessions      
14-A Renunciation of Jurisdiction: Amending G-2.0509 1    
14-B.1 Final Assessment: Amending G-2.0607 1    
14-B.2 Accommodations: Amending G-2.0610 1    
14-C Child Protection Policy: Amending G-3.0106 1    
14-D Minimum Composition of Presbytery: Amending G-3.0301 1    
14-E Interreligious Stance: Amending G-5.0102 1    
14-F Marriage: Amending W-4.9000 1 1  

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2014 Polity Conference Participant List

2014 Polity Conference Participant List (PDF). Rev. 10/17/14

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Christmas Joy Offering Leader's Guide (2014)

We created this helpful tool with you in mind. It’s filled with information about the Offering, ways you can get your congregation involved, resources you can use throughout the duration, and much more. Participating in the Christmas Joy Offering has never been easier; use your Guide to promote today.