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10 Tips for Creating a Welcoming Environment for Young Adults

Ten Tips for Creating a Welcoming Environment for Young Adults

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Confession of Belhar

The 220th General Assembly (2012) voted to begin the process of amending The Book of Confessions to include the Confession of Belhar (English, Spanish, Korean). Moderator Neal Presa appointed the Special Committee on the Confession of Belhar to study the confession and to provide education about the Confession of Belhar throughout the church. 

Download this 14" x 8.5" brochure of Frequently Asked Questions or view it in your browser.


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Changing Lives bulletin insert - April 2014

Changing Lives, a monthly e-letter from Deputy Executive Director for Mission, Roger Dermody which celebrates how God is changing lives through Presbyterian mission, is also available as bulletin insert.

In the midst of the changing seasons, God’s spirit continues to nudge us into new and engaging ways of reaching out to those seeking the hope of the Gospel.

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Sample Pastor Letter for 2014 Pentecost Offering

Sample Pastor Letter for the 2014 Pentecost Offering

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Ayudas litúrgicas 27 de abril / Liturgical Helps April 27

Ayudas litúrgicas 27 de abril / Liturgical Helps April 27

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Being in covenant community in the virtual community of social media

The Church of Jesus Christ has always been an epistolatory community. We are a going and telling faith.The earliest church communicated through the written word – the media of their era – bringing the body of Christ together when they could not be together bodily. We lift up many of these epistles as scripture.

Social media brings immediacy to how and with whom we communicate Social media gives people a chance to share ideas and think aloud with many communitiessimultaneously. Attending or observing a General Assembly, we can instantly share our thoughts with others ...

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Planting Seeds for Stronger Communities

Through your gifts to One Great Hour of Sharing, the Presbyterian Hunger Program has been able to partner with Huerto de la Familia and similar organizations that are strengthening communities across the country by providing the opportunity to produce and share healthy food. 

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Common Agreement on Baptism

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS about the common Agreement on Mutual Recognition of baptism with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Why is this common agreement needed?

  1. Will PCUSA pastors have to change how they celebrate baptism?
  2. In the Presbyterian Church (USA) we invite all baptized persons to share in the Lord’s Supper. Does this mean that we can take Holy Communion in one another’s churches?
  3. What does it mean that written attestations of Baptism, including the liturgical formula used must be provided and why is this important?
  4. When will this Common Agreement become effective?
  5. What can I do ...

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Exams Schedule

The schedule for upcoming Ordination Exams.

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Connect to the Presbyterian Hunger Program

Do you want to be more connected to the work of the Hunger Program? From Cents-Ability to Eco-Palms, from trips to webinars this resource contains short descriptions of several ways that you can get involved today!