Committee leadership is complete for the 18 Assembly Committees of the upcoming 219th General Assembly (2010) in Minneapolis, July 3-10.

Each Assembly Committee will have a moderator and vice-moderator, chosen from among the 712 commissioners to the Assembly, who were elected by their presbyteries. The Rev. Bruce Reyes-Chow, moderator of the 218th General Assembly (2008), selected the leadership with the assistance of General Assembly Stated Clerk Gradye Parsons, General Assembly Mission Council Executive Director Linda Valentine, Director of Operations for the Office of the General Assembly Tom Hay, Committee on the Office of the General Assembly Chair Dennis Hughes, a member of the General Assembly Committee on Representation, and OGA managers of General Assembly business and assembly services.

In addition, each committee will have a Committee Assistant and Parliamentarian — chosen for their expertise and experience with previous General Assemblies to aid the elected committee leaders.

The Standing Rules of the General Assembly stipulate that at least half of the assembly committees shall be elders; the moderators of at least half of the committees should be women; and no more than one person from any presbytery may be appointed. In addition, there should be an equitable distribution of representation among all of the PC(USA) synods.

The committee leadership (M = moderator; V = vice-moderator; A = committee assistant; P = parliamentarian):

Bills and Overtures: M — Elder Heath Rada (Western North Carolina Presbytery); V — the Rev. Aleida Jernigan (Cascades Presbytery); A — Bridgett Green (Charlotte Presbytery); P — the Rev. Stephen W. Smith (Pacific Presbytery).

General Assembly Procedures: M — Elder Patricia Valentine (Presbytery of the James); V — Elder Olanda Carr, Jr. (Charlotte Presbytery); A — Elder Vanessa Hawkins (Savannah Presbytery); P — Elder Richard Coffelt (Grand Canyon Presbytery).

Middle Governing Body Issues: M — The Rev. Cliff Lyda (Chicago Presbytery); V — the Rev. James Belle (Philadelphia Presbytery); A — Elder Barbara Murphy (Los Ranchos Presbytery;  P — the Rev. George Baird (Lake Huron Presbytery). 

Church Polity: M —The Rev. Anne Epling (Giddings-Lovejoy Presbytery); V — Elder Marcia Rich (North Central Iowa); A — Elder James Tse (New York City Presbytery); P — Elder Nancy Grittman (Twin Cities Area Presbytery).

Church Orders and Ministry: M — Elder Theresa Denton (Middle Tennessee Presbytery); V — the Rev. K O Noonoo (John Calvin Presbytery); A — Elder Sally Hinchman (Shenandoah Presbytery); P — Elder Therese Howell (Middle Tennessee Presbytery).

Form of Government Revision: M — the Rev. Tim Beal (San Diego Presbytery); V — the Rev. Jose Capella-Pratts (San Juan Presbytery); A — Elder Forrest Palmer (Greater Atlanta Presbytery; P — The Rev. Browen Boswell (Western New York Presbytery).

Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations: M — the Rev. Michael Livingston (New Brunswick Presbytery); V — Elder Zitta Chapman (Palisades Presbytery); A — the Rev. Mary Gene Boteler (Giddings-Lovejoy Presbytery); P — the Rev. Robert Conover (Redwoods Presbytery).

Mission Coordination: M — Elder Julia Henderson (Denver Presbytery); V — Elder Robert Baker (Western Reserve Presbytery); A — the Rev. Linda Culbertson (Pacific Presbytery); P — the Rev. Barbara Bundick (Chicago Presbytery).

Social Justice Issues: Promotion of Social Righteousness: M — the Rev. Theresa Cho (San Francisco Presbytery); V — Elder John Arbuckle (West Virginia Presbytery); A — the Rev. Mary Lee Talbot (Western New York Presbytery); P — the Rev. Rebecca New (Southern Kansas Presbytery).

Social Justice Issues: Exhibition of the Kingdom of Heaven to the World: M — Elder James Bender, Jr. (Coastal Carolina Presbytery); V — Elder Kristen Gerling (Donegal Presbytery); A — the Rev. Cecelya Taylor (Coastal Carolina Presbytery); P — the Rev. Michael Lukens (Winnebago Presbytery).

Civil Union and Marriage Issues: M — The Rev. Rick Nutt (Muskingum Valley Presbytery); V — The Rev. Karla Conditt Daniels (Northeast Georgia Presbytery); A — the Rev. Carol McDonald (Wabash Valley Presbytery); P — the Rev. Carson Rhyne (Presbytery of the James).

Peacemaking and International Issues: M — Elder George Lynch (Pacific Presbytery); V — the Rev. Sue Trei-Conrad (Indian Nations Presbytery); A — Freda Dye (Middle Tennessee Presbytery); P — Virginia Rainey (Huntingdon Presbytery).

Middle East Peacemaking Issues: M — the Rev. Karen Dimon (Cayuga-Syracuse Presbytery); V — Elder Laurie Anderson (Heartland Presbytery); A — the Rev. Kevin Porter (Philadelphia Presbytery); P — the Rev. Ken Hockenberry (Mid-Kentucky Presbytery).

Church Growth, Christian Education, and Presbyterian Investment and Loan Program: M — the Rev. Mindy Douglas Adams (Salem Presbytery); V — the Rev. Tom Letts (Yukon Presbytery); A — the Rev. Rebecca Kirkpatrick (Wabash Valley Presbytery); P— the Rev. Gretchen Denton (Detroit Presbytery).

Theological Issues and Institutions: M — the Rev. Sharon Stanley (San Joaquin Presbytery); V — the Rev. Irene Pak (San Jose Presbytery); A — the Rev. J. Oscar McCloud (New York City Presbytery); P — the Rev. Doris Arnett Whitaker (Miami Valley Presbytery).

Review of GA Permanent Committees: M — Elder Kenneth Godshall (Hudson River Presbytery); V — the Rev. Leon Lovell-Martin (Tropical Florida Presbytery); A — Elder Howard Jackson (Baltimore Presbytery); P — Elder Richard Berry (San Diego Prersbytery).

Board of Pensions, Foundation, and Publishing Corporation: M — Elder Effie Bynum (New York City Presbytery);V — Elder Donna Misterly (Riverside Presbytery); A — Kathleen Walker (Tampa Bay Presbytery); P — Daniel Rogers (Albany Presbyytery).

Health Issues: M — Elder Wells Kilgore (Savannah Presbytery); V — Elder Bonnie Brown (Missouri River Valley Presbytery); A — the Rev. Arlene Gordon (Tropical Florida Presbytery); P — Rebecca Blair (East Iowa Presbytery).