John Goldingay, Professor at Fuller Theological Seminary and author of Westminster John Knox Press’s Old Testament for Everyone series, is the latest to appear on WJK Radio with Dan and Jana, the monthly podcast from Westminster John Knox Press. Goldingay, an international authority on the Old Testament, discusses the first volumes to release in the series, Genesis for Everyone, Part One and Genesis for Everyone, Part Two, with hosts Dan Braden and Jana Riess.

The new Old Testament for Everyone Bible commentary series follows on the heels of the successful New Testament for Everyone commentaries by acclaimed scholar and author N. T. Wright. Goldingay will author every book in the new series, treating Old Testament Scripture from Genesis to Malachi in an accessible style that is suitable for daily devotions, Sunday school preparation, or brief visits with the Bible. The next volumes in the series, Exodus and Leviticus for Everyone and Numbers and Deuteronomy for Everyone, will be released this fall. Genesis for Everyone, Part One and Genesis for Everyone, Part Two are currently available for purchase through The Thoughtful Christian.

WJK Radio with Dan and Jana is Westminster John Knox Press's monthly podcast featuring author interviews and current news and views from the religious book world. The show is designed to promote honest and stimulating conversation about issues of faith. The podcasts feature conversations with some of today's most respected authors addressing a variety of religious issues including the Bible, ethics, social justice, popular culture, the church, cultural and religious diversity, and the spiritual life in general. Sometimes moving, sometimes controversial, often provocative, and always enlightening, new shows appear on the last Monday of every month. They can be heard for free by visiting the WJK Radio website.