Three New Testament books are the subjects of the latest releases in Westminster John Knox’s series, Belief: A Theological Commentary on the Bible.

Theologian and church historian Catherine Gunsalus González offers a theological commentary on three often overlooked books in the New Testament: 1 and 2 Peter and the Letter of Jude. Exploring how the letters helped guide the young church, González centers on their theological importance for contemporary churches and for Christian living.  

Allen Verhey and Joseph S. Harvard study the book of Ephesians in their volume in the Belief series. This commentary emerges from an adult Sunday school class on Ephesians the authors taught together, as well as their own studies and experiences. Their work focuses on the gospel of Jesus Christ and the ways it is to be lived out in the church and by Christians in their own lives.

Also available in the series are Mark by William C. Placher and Luke by Justo L. González, with volumes on Hebrews and Genesis slated for the fall. Mark was recently named the Top Reference Book of the Year by the Academy of Parish Clergy.

The volumes in Belief: A Theological Commentary on the Bible offer a fresh and invigorating approach to all the books of the Bible. Building on a wide range of sources, noted scholars focus less on traditional historical and literary angles in favor of a theologically focused commentary that considers the contemporary relevance of the texts.

Each volume can be purchased at a 40% discount from The Thoughtful Christian. Customers can also subscribe to the series and receive a 45% discount by calling (800) 554-4694.

More information on the series can be found on the Westminster John Knox website.