Being Reformed: Faith Seeking Understanding—a series of biblically based mini-courses published by CMP—has released a new study focusing on mission and ministry in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

Into All the World: Participating in God’s Mission, written by Donald J. Dawson and Jennifer A. Haddox, helps adult and young adult participants understand the missional identity of the church and its members.

The study’s overall theme centers on the mission of God, recognizing how God’s people can live out God’s work in the world. Reflections throughout—including understanding God’s plan, connecting with God’s strategy, learning from the global church, and embracing our missional vocation—will help strengthen commitment and participation in God’s mission in the world.  

“We worship and serve a God who is sovereign over all the earth and whose plan includes the redemption of all the peoples of the earth. When we live for this larger global vision, we are most alive to what God has in mind for us individually and for the church,” Haddox said in the article “Whose Mission?,” featured in the current issue of Presbyterians Today.

The release of Into All the World comes as the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) celebrates 175 years of mission and ministry throughout the world. This anniversary will be recognized at the 220th meeting of the General Assembly. Into All the World will be available for purchase at the General Assembly bookstore.

Each six-session study from Being Reformed addresses its subjects from a Reformed theological perspective, while providing a foundational understanding of the Reformed faith. Studies include Scripture, in-depth commentary, and questions for reflection.

Other new releases from Being Reformed include Exploring the “Book of Confessions” by Jack Rogers, Reading the Bible for Understanding by James E. Davison, and The Prophets Still Speak by Patricia K. Tull.

Being Reformed is available online at store.pcusa.org/being-reformed or by calling the Presbyterian Distribution Service at (800) 524-2612. For additional information, or to download a free sample session, visit: pcusa.org/beingreformed.

Being Reformed: Faith Seeking Understanding
Into All the World: Participating in God’s Mission

Donald J. Dawson and Jennifer A. Haddox
Congregational Ministries Publishing
Participant’s Book:
ISBN: 680756, $4.50
Leader’s Guide:
ISBN: 680755, $8.95