Presbyterian World Mission asks for your prayers today and in the coming weeks for the people of Mozambique as the country experiences increasing conflicts.

In October, Mozambique’s main opposition party, RENAMO, declared an end to its 21-year-old peace accord with FRELIMO, the country’s ruling party.  The 1992 accord had ended a 16-year civil war that killed roughly one million people, displaced five million more, and left the countryside littered with deadly landmines.  In recent months, dozens of people have died in clashes between RENAMO and Mozambican security forces or in RENAMO attacks on civilian targets.  The conflict threatens to disrupt democracy and development in Mozambique and could draw neighboring countries into a broader regional conflict.

Mozambique’s churches have called for a national day of prayer on 1 December 2013 to promote peace and democracy across the nation. Please join our sisters and brothers in Mozambique in praying for:

  • Peace, justice and security for all of Mozambique’s people;
  • Wisdom, insight and safety for Christian leaders in Mozambique, including the PC(USA)’s partners in the Presbyterian Church of Mozambique (IPM) as they seek to build peace and promote equitable development in the country;
  • Just use of Mozambique’s resources to enable all of the nation’s people to enjoy fullness of life.

Learn more about the background surrounding the conflicts in Mozambique.

A prayer by Rev. Mark Koenig, Director, Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations is below. Please pray with us for the people of Mozambique.

Creator God,
you give life,
you establish justice,
you make us for each other.

We pray for the
people of Mozambique
who after many years of peace
face the renewal of violence,
violence that could disrupt democracy
and derail development.

Turn the people and the leaders from violence.
Inspire them to seek peaceful solutions
to differences that lead to justice and security
for all the people of Mozambique.

Guide the Christian leaders and community of Mozambique.
We pray especially for the Presbyterian Church of Mozambique.
Bless their efforts to make peace
and promote development that will benefit all the people.

Grant wisdom and vision
so that the nation's resources are used
to help all the people enjoy the fullness of life you intend.

We pray in Jesus' name.