Although the event bringing them together this weekend is unique, Ida Rosario and the Rev. Glorya Johnson’s paths have crossed several times before.

The former seminary classmates have served together in the Presbytery of Long Island. Last November, as moderator of the presbytery, Rosario presided over Johnson’s ordination service. Now, the tables have turned, as Johnson is the current moderator and will preside over Rosario’s ordination service this Sunday (April 21).

“She and I are kind of like the DNA double helix, coming together and apart,” said Johnson.

Ministry is a second calling for the women, both of whom are retired teachers. After graduating from New Brunswick Theological Seminary, both were called to churches facing similar challenges. Johnson provided pulpit supply services for Rosario, who had already been ordained as a commissioned lay pastor.

“There’s been a lot of parallels where we can encourage ourselves and pray together when there are challenges,” Rosario said. “It’s really a very special thing to have walked through so many parts of God’s call into ministry together.”

 Both women noted the winding paths they’ve taken to their current calls. Johnson, temporary supply pastor of Yaphank Presbyterian Church in Yaphank, N.Y., also works as an office manager for two medical offices. Rosario will remain at Brentwood Presbyterian Church in Brentwood, N.Y., where she has served as a CLP, as a temporary supply pastor. In addition to her teaching background, she has also worked in the business world.

“It’s just interesting how God brought us together and just guided us on our journey,” Johnson said. “It’s an exciting ride, and I’ve loved having her by my side.”

“The journey has been amazing,” Rosario said. “God has an amazing sense of humor.”