A global outlook requires a global search, so Advent-Saint Nicholas ― an English-language church here ― is advertising widely for candidates for its pastorate. The congregation hopes to have its new pastor in place by August of this year. The position calls for an initial two-year commitment, which is renewable. “We are looking for a pastor who will inspire us with a comprehensive vision for the church’s future,” says the congregation’s “call” for a pastor. “We are looking for a pastor who can work with people of various denominational, confessional and theological backgrounds, maintaining unity within our diversity and enabling us to help one another grow in faith.” Advent-Saint Nicholas serves the international community in Quito, a fascinating city that is easily accessible to the Pacific Ocean beach, the high summits of the Andes mountains and the dense jungles of the Amazon. The congregation includes both transient and permanent expatriate residents of Ecuador, as well as Ecuadorians who speak English. That means, the “call” states: “We need a pastor who is willing to explore with the congregation their role in God’s world today, including their role as Christians living in Ecuador.” The congregation identifies its “core values” as: