The Presbyterian Publishing Corporation (PPC) announces the publication of its new hymnal, Glory to God! Pew, accompaniment, enlarged print, and gift editions are shipping this week to those who pre-ordered copies.

More than 1,000 PC(USA) congregations and institutions adopted the hymnal pre-publication. All preorders will be delivered by October 10. Any people with questions about preorders should contact PPC Customer Service: 1-800-533-4371.

The online, eBook, and app- editions will be released next month. A Braille edition will be available later this fall from Bookshare.org. Future editions include projection and companion, scheduled for Fall 2014. More information about each edition is on our Web site www.presbyterianhymnal.org.

Six national celebrations are planned to further educate and prepare people to use these new resources. Speakers include Walter Brueggemann, Kimberly Bracken Long, Margaret Aymer, and Craig Barnes.

The first event will be held at Wayne Presbyterian Church near Philadelphia in October. Registration for five of the six events is $35. The Salt Lake City event (November 4-5, 2013) is free.

Work on the hymnal has taken almost a decade to complete. In 2004, the 216th General Assembly  initiated the hymnal project by authorizing research into a new denominational songbook. The Presbyterian Committee On Congregational Song (PCOCS) was formed in 2008 under the leadership of hymnal editor, David Eicher, and committee chair, Mary Louise “Mel” Bringle.

PPC presented the complete list of contents to the 220th General Assembly (2012) in Pittsburgh, which commended Glory to God for use in congregational worship.

For more information about hymnal editions or events, or to order the hymnal, visit www.presbyterianhymnal.org. News and resources are also available on the blog, which can be found at blog.presbyterianhymnalproject.com. Information about the online hymnal can be found at www.presbyterianleader.com.

Contact: the Rev. Mary Margaret Flannagan by phone at 502-569-5099 or by email at mflannagan@presbypub.com.