A new Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) confirmation curriculum is targeted for 2018, pending results from Princeton Theological Seminary’s The Confirmation Project. Princeton’s project explores the effectiveness of confirmation and equivalent practices for strengthening discipleship in youth. The project will provide churches with examples of strategies and practices to help young Christians grow as disciples of Jesus Christ.

“We’ll ask questions to explore diverse practices, who participates, and how long confirmation programs are,” says Richard Osmer, professor at Princeton Theological Seminary and co-director of the project.

Mark Hinds, interim publisher of Congregational Ministries Publishing (CMP), and Candace Hill, coordinator for educational ministries, CMP, will be serving on the PC(USA) advisory committee of The Confirmation Project. The results of the study, combined with conversations of the advisory committee, will help mold the new PC(USA) confirmation curriculum.

The Confirmation Project is scheduled to conclude in December 2016.

In the interim, the best-selling Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) confirmation curriculum Professing Our Faith is being updated to reference the new hymnal Glory to God as well as recent changes to the PC(USA) Book of Confessions and Book of Order.

Professing Our Faith, published by CMP, provides confirmands a foundation of faith and spiritual practice in the Reformed tradition. It invites Presbyterian youth to explore the meaning of their baptism and their participation at the Lord's Supper. They learn about church polity, stewardship, spiritual practices, worship, and mission.

“Since Professing Our Faith will serve the church for at least another three years, it’s important that we update it while we’re looking ahead to the next confirmation curriculum. The updates are minor; the content remains essentially intact,” said Hinds.

Professing Our Faith consists of an all-inclusive Teacher’s Book that can be used with either 35-session or 8-session Student Notebook formats. Order the confirmation curriculum at: pcusastore.com

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