Louisville, Kentucky

A new book from beloved author J. Ellsworth Kalas shows readers how to connect with God in everyday acts. In The Pleasure of God: Finding Grace in the Ordinary, Kalas looks at the most common elements of our daily lives: eating, sleeping, waiting in line, bathing, getting dressed, sitting in traffic, and more. He reveals that it is possible to live with such joy and gladness of hearts that we find our ordinary lives graced by the pleasure of God. Kalas writes, “it adds beauty to the love of God that God would be so attentive as to care about our daily lives. And it redefines ordinary. How can anything be ordinary if we find the glory of God there? How so, if in it we feel God’s pleasure?”

The first two chapters are available for free by clicking here. The Pleasure of God is available for purchase at all major retailers.

J. Ellsworth Kalas was the former president and a professor of Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky. He served as pastor for many years in the Wisconsin and Ohio Conferences of the United Methodist Church and has published more than thirty-five books, including Grace in a Tree Stump: Old Testament Stories of God's Love, published by Westminster John Knox Press.