Comparative Statistics 2011

The Comparative Statistics report is published annually in the fall and summarizes data on membership, finances and ministers provided by each congregation to the Office of the General Assembly via the Session Annual Statistical Report. The report compares annual statistics to show trends in areas such as membership gains and losses, receipts and expenditures, and number of ministers.

See individual Comparative Statistics 2011 tables:

1. PC(USA) Congregations and Membership, 2000 to 2011
2. Distribution of PC(USA) Congregations by Membership Size and Synod, 2011
3. PC(USA) Membership by Region and State/Territory, 2011
4. Membership Gains and Losses of PC(USA) Synods and Presbyteries, 2011
5. Distribution of PC(USA) Congregations with One-Fifth or More  Racial-Ethnic Membership by Synod, 2011
6-7. Fifteen Largest PC(USA) Congregations Based on Membership Size, 2011 | Descriptive Statistics for PC(USA) Ministers and Candidates, 2003 to 2011
8. PC(USA) Active Ministers by Call and Synod, 2011
9. Number and Percent of Active PC(USA) Ministers by Call and Gender, 2007 to 2011
10. PC(USA) Membership, Total Individual Contributions, and Expenditures for Local Program and Local Mission by Synod and Presbytery, 2010 and 2011
11-12. PC(USA) Congregational Receipts, 2009 and 2010; PC(USA) Congregational Expenditures, 2010 and 2011
13-14. PC(USA) Synod and Presbytery Rankings Based on Per Member Validated Mission Expenditures, 2011 | Race-Ethnicity and Gender of PC(USA) Members, Elders, Deacons, Active Ministers and Commissioned Lay Pastors, 2011
15. Number of Congregations, How They Are Served, Worship Attendance and Giving Information by Membership Size, 2011
16. Technical Information

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  1. Re: PCUSA - Wikipedia reports: The denomination reported a loss of 61,047 members (−2.9%) in 2010, a loss of 63,804 in 2011 and had a membership of 1,952,287 at the end of 2011. No report yet on LOSS for 2012, but I am reporting a loss for 2013. Your message from General Assembly PCUSA requesting call in to senators for more liberalization of Immigration Laws. I called in and asked for stiffer laws and penalties - and now I also report I AM GONE - NO LONGER A STUPID PRESBYTERIAN - you are down one member (at least) in 2013. Can't wait for Wikipedia's 2013 report of PCUSA losses.

    by Garland Lacey

    January 23, 2013

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