Frequently Asked Questions: Middle East Issues


  • Why does the church care about Israel/Palestine?
  • What is the point of divestment?
  • What were the recommendations to the (221st) General Assembly (2014)?
  • Why is the General Assembly focusing on these three corporations?
  • What actions have been considered by past General Assemblies?
  • What is the position of the church on Israel and Palestine?
  • What have other denominations done on the issue of divestment?
  • What is the position of the church on anti-Semitism?
  • What is the position of the church on Zionism?
  • What is the actual language of the divestment measure?
  • What is the language of the measure regarding a two-state solution?
  • What is the language of the regarding measure the publication Zionism Unsettled
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  1. It seems to me that the PC USA should be deepening it's roots rather than extending its branches. I attend an inner city church and am constantly faced with the unmet needs of the most basic kind. Perhaps we should be investing in those people? Divest all corporate investments, buildings, and offices. Put Leadership in the most desperate churches and meet electronically to do business. Welcome the poor, feed the poor, heal the poor. Isn't this what Christ does?

    by Frank Watson

    June 27, 2014

  2. Are the votes on all issues and how individual delegates vote a matter of public record?

    by Drew Risinger

    June 24, 2014

  3. I agree with Dudley Weaver. It will do more harm than good. I feel the PC USA leadership/assembly is out of focus. Shift your focus back to family issues before its too late!

    by Drew Sambell

    June 23, 2014

  4. I am along with millions of people are pleased with the decision of the church to divest from companies who have profited from Israeli occupation of Palestine. I congratulate the church for its courageous and noble decision to divest. The church is sending a clear message to Israel: occupation along with all the injustices, suffering, human rights violations, ethnic cleansing, and loss of life and property inflicted upon the Palestinian people for the past seventy years all have to stop. This important decision by the church is a sincere effort geared toward serving the causes of justice and peace in the holly land. In essence, this decision by the church is in harmony and in alignment with God's message.

    by Ribhi Daoud

    June 21, 2014

  5. No doubt in my mind that the Presbyterian church stands for justice, human rights, freedom, and peace for all people. It stands to reason that if the Presbyterian church continues to invest in companies profiting from Israeli occupation of Palestine, then doing so will be in conflict and against what the church is all about. God loves all people without discrimination, and we can't have double standards with God.

    by Ribhi Daoud

    June 20, 2014

  6. As a Presbyterian since adolescence -- by choice, not born into the church -- I am deeply concerned over the prospect of PCUSA's, in effect, censuring US companies for doing business with the Nation of Israel, and, thus, attacking the national interests of that nation in favor of the interests of the PLO and other Arab entities. I hope that the delegates have weighed the internal consequences of a vote in favor ot the committee's proposal. I can predict one consequence of a floor approval of that proposal.

    by Ben Hall

    June 19, 2014

  7. Bill Strawbridge - I am an HP employee and a devout member of the Presbyterian Church and I feel the EXACT same way.

    by Amy Fair

    June 18, 2014

  8. Am I to assume that if the General Assembly wants to divest itself from Caterpillar stock that they would also refuse to accept the money that Caterpillar employees, Caterpillar dealer employees and Caterpillar suppliers normally donate? Such money must surely be tainted by the same source as the stock they wish to rid themselves of.

    by Bill Strawbridge

    June 16, 2014

  9. This is one of those issues upon which the church is eager to speak--or at least various Assemblies are eager to speak. The question I raise is what does it accomplish aside from further offending the Jewish community; making the elite of mainline Protestantism feel good about themselves; and further dividing an already divided church? Beyond the walls of our churches nobody really listens or cares what the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) has to say. That is a harsh reality but a reality born of the death of Christendom. Maybe the time has come for the church focus on more basic considerations than lofty statements.

    by Dudley Weaver

    June 15, 2014