Resolution on Christian Responsibility And A National Medical Plan

The 203rd General Assembly (1991) decries our nation's failure to establish an equitable, efficient, and universally accessible medical plan.  It asks the nation's legislative leadership, with help from religious, health care, insurance, and other organizations or industries, to break the impasse for the purpose of establishing  a National Medical Plan.  It returns to the roots of healing found in our faith and speaks forthrightly for healthcare services guided by theological vision.  It calls upon the Presbyterian family to step into the fray, advocating access to health care for all.

A description of our current health care crisis could fill many pages of text.  It need not.  The 203rd General Assembly (1991) simply recognizes that most Americans desire an equitable and accessible health care system.  The current system is neither;  it fails the American dream of compassion and justice.  Corporate society is squeezed by its high costs.  Morally sensitive individuals are scandalized by its inequity.  A growing number of individuals are suffering and dying because of a lack of access to health care.  Increasing numbers of people are becoming impoverished by health care costs.  Reformation is required.

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