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Entities Authorized to Create Policies for the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), A Corporation (*)

Only the following entities are recognized as bodies which can create and have created policies for the A Corporation:

  • The General Assembly
  • The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), A Corporation

All other actions, protocols, recommendations, processes, procedures or similar actions approved by other bodies or departments or agencies that have not been approved by the Board of the A Corporation as policies of the A Corporation will immediately be titled, issued, and received as guidelines or procedures. That if the Board of the Presbyterian Mission Agency ("PMAB") or the Committee on the Office of the General Assembly ("COGA") have proposed policies for consideration as policies of the A Corporation they should submit them to the Chair or Co-Chairs of the Board of the A Corporation for review and consideration. Otherwise, policies of the PMAB or COGA are not binding on the A Corporation.

(*) Approved by the PCUSA, A Corporation Board - July 19, 2019