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  • Corporate Ag Says They Will Feed the World. Really?

    Published October 3, 2015

    Since agriculture emerged 10,000 years ago, it has been smaller-scale producers who have fed the world. Industrial, high-tech and chemical-intensive farming has only been around for about 80 years, and still today it is small-scale farmers, ranchers, pastoralists and fishers who provide approximately 70% of all the food eaten on Earth[1].

    Marketing professionals and lobbyists from Monsanto, ADM and companies promoting industrial agriculture and GMOs [we’ll call that Big Ag for shorthand] have spread a myth, which people of all stripes have swallowed. This myth claims that only large-scale industrial agriculture can feed a hungry world. The myth consists of two parts: (1) More food is the answer to feeding people; (2) Corporate, industrial agriculture is the approach that can fill this need.

    First, the myth that more food will feed a hungry world.

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  • YoRocko Podcast

    Published October 2, 2015


    Dreaming bigger for urban ministry
    Mission pastor Aisha Brooks-Lytle talks with Rocky Supinger about organizing The Common Place, a blend of two worshiping communities, an arts-based afterschool program, social services, and community center in southwest Philadelphia, all supported by an established, suburban congregation.


    <---- Aisha Brooks-Lytle (who goes by Pastor Eesh) is a native of Philadelphia. She holds a bachelor of science in music from Temple University. After spending a significant time as youth director at Wayne Presbyterian Church in Wayne, Pennsylvania, she earned a Master of Divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary. She served various other churches in the tri-state ...

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  • YAV attends UN General Assembly

    Published October 1, 2015

    Matt Cowell, our YAV attended his first UN General Assembly this week. The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is accredited to the United Nations and through the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations advocates and engages the United Nations. Read his blog below:


    Greetings from the United Nations!  The General Debate of the seventieth session of the UN General Assembly is in full swing here.  During this pivotal week at the opening of the debate, every member state and permanent observer state makes speeches focusing on the various issues of the day—196 speeches over the course of six days ...

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