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Social Media Sit-Ins Guide

The What, the Why, and the How of Social Media Sit-Ins

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Tranformation Leadership: A Definition

Transformational leaders are men and women of diverse ages, backgrounds and cultures who are witnesses to God’s love, empowered by the Spirit and committed to Jesus Christ. In gratitude, they are, and help others to be, culturally proficient, resilient, trustworthy, innovative, adaptive and theologically grounded in the Reformed tradition. 

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Peace & Global Witness Bulletin Insert - Create a World of Peace

Create a World of PeaceHelp bring the peace of Christ to communities of conflict.

Today, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is actively engaged in peacemaking and reconciliation in more than 50 countries. Through our partner churches and organizations, our reach is extended to 100 countries. Your gift helps us do even more. In too many places around the world, peace is merely a hope. Conflicts between nations, peoples, and ideas put peace at risk everywhere. During the Season of Peace, we recognize that too many people live in situations that are both unsettled and unjust.

Your gift to the Peace & Global Witness Offering ...

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Application for community organizing training scholarships

The Office of Church Growth, in partnership with the Presbyterian Hunger Program provides scholarships up to $500 to help Presbyterians attend training events run by the national networks of community organizing (such as IAF, PICO, DART and Gamaliel Foundation).

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Ayudas litúrgicas 5 de julio / Liturgical Helps July 5

Ayudas litúrgicas 5 de julio / Liturgical Helps July 5

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Dependent Care Reimbursement Policy for Commissioners and Advisory Delegates to the 222nd General Assembly (2016)

The Committee on the Office of the General Assembly has approved the following Dependent Care Reimbursement Policy for the upcoming General Assembly.  Briefly, it seeks to be both more generous and flexible by providing for an increased maximum reimbursement for dependent care expenses incurred during the assembly (up to $800 for one dependent, and $400 per each additional dependent) and recognizing additional categories of expenses eligible for reimbursement. The main part of the policy specifies that:

Commissioner or Advisory Delegate may include in vouchered expense, the cost of dependent care under the following circumstances:

  • The dependent is a child under ...

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2015 Peace & Global Witness Facebook Cover

Peace & Global Witness Facebook CoverShow your support of the Peace & Global Witness Offering by uploading this image as your Facebook cover photo.

A gift to the Peace & Global Witness Offering enables the church to promote the Peace of Christ by addressing systems of injustice across the world. Individual congregations are encouraged to utilize up to 25% of this Offering to sustain their local peacemaking ministries.

For more information, visit:

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PW Quarterly Newsletter (second quarter 2015) photos in Word

Download this document with images embedded for Presbtyerian Women's second-quarter (2015) national newsletter.

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2015 Peace & Global Witness Poster

Peace & Global Witness Poster

The world can be a place of great conflict. Yet through the Prince of Peace, even the deepest divisions can be repaired. Your gift to the Peace & Global Witness Offering supports programs that restore communities through peacemaking and reconciliation. Working together through Christ, we can help make our world more peaceful and just. Please give generously.

Use this poster in your congregation to promote the upcoming Peace & Global Witness Offering (formerly Peacemaking Offering). 

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2014 Presbytery Membership and 2016 GA Commissioners

The final 2014 membership figures for each presbytery, and (in the right hand column) the number of commissioners the presbytery is entitled to elect in accordance with the formula in G-3.0501. 

  • 8,000 members or less:  1 ruling elder and 1 teaching elder
  • 8,0001-16,000:  2 ruling elders and 2 teaching elders
  • 16,001-24,000:  3 ruling elders and 3 teaching elders
  • 24,001-32,000:  4 ruling elders and 4 teaching elders
  • 32,001-40,000:  5 ruling elders and 5 teaching elders
  • 40,001-48,000:  6 ruling elders and 6 teaching elders
  • 48,000 or more:  7 ruling ...