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5 Peacemaking Affirmations for Presbytery Deliberation

Review the Five Affirmations from the Peace Discernment Process that have been sent to the presbyteries for their consideration and advisory vote.

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Go. Disciple. Live.

If you believe the church of Jesus Christ is dying, STOP.  We see the church of Jesus Christ alive.  Find out how our work in Evangelism and Church Growth ministries supports this belief.   






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2015 Pentecost Offering Bulletin Inserts

Use these bulletin inserts in your church during the weeks leading up to the Pentecost offering:

  • From My Youth - Highlights the benefits of the Pentecost Offering
  • I Still Proclaim - Involvement with faith communities has a long-term affect in the lives of children. 

Hard copies can be ordered by emailing, or visiting the church store.

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Birthday Offering grant application (Word version)

Birthday Offering grants range from $100,000 to $300,000. Grant requests come from a variety of sources including PC(USA) governing bodies, health agencies, overseas churches, ecumenical councils, community groups, educational institutions and church related groups. Projects must meet the criteria established by Presbyterian Women.

Submit this Creative Ministries Offering Committee grant application no later than May 15 and be sure to check the box on page 3 that indicates you are applying for a Birthday Offering grant.

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Commissioning Service for 2015 Churchwide Gathering

Glenda Watts wrote a commissioning service for attendees to the 2015 Churchwide Gathering, which she shared for all PW to use.

Another commissioning service is available in the 2015 Churchwide Gathering promotions packet.

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Fairness in Ministerial Compensation: Solidarity and Incentives

A response to two referrals from the 2012 Special Committee on the Church for the 21st Century.  How can we raise the salaries of ministers in churches barely able to pay Board of Pensions' dues, including disproportionate numbers of women and racial ethnic pastors, and of what relevance is our theology of compensation to our modified market system, both in the parishes and in our national agencies?  Although at root Christian incentives are not financial, sharing and mutual aid are not enough: the report outlines certain forms of mutual accountability and intervention for declining ministry situations.  This report combines Gospel ...

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2015 One Great Hour of Sharing Thank You Video

Special Offerings Manager Bryce Wiebe thanks individuals and congregations for their support of One Great Hour of Sharing. Available to stream here.

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The Congregation: A Community of Care and Healing

Alcoholism and other drug abuse has an enormous negative impact on individuals and families in our society. –Presbyterian Network on Alcohol and other Drug Abuse

This resource book is prepared to inform denominations on issues of alcoholism and chemical abuse—promoting responsible living.

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2015 Pentecost Offering Quick Links

We are so glad to have such a wide range of offerings materials to support your Pentecost Offering promotion activities. But we also know it can be difficult to scroll through several pages to find it all. Here are our most popular resources for 2015: 

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Worshiping Community Leaders Survey

Across the PC(USA), new and varied forms of church are being raised up by leaders seeking to ignite discipleship and transformation. These new worshiping communities have the potential to help the PC(USA) shift from an inward-focused, membership-maintenance model of church to a more outward-focused, creative, and disciple-making model.