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2014 Theological Education Sunday Liturgical Resources

We are pleased to invite you, once again, to celebrate God’s inspiring work in equipping our
seminaries to educate and prepare Christian leaders to “do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God” (Micah 6:8). 

Latest Brochures and cards

Presbyterian Women 2016 USA Mission Experience Bookmark

Raise awareness about the 2016 USA Mission Experience to the San Francisco Bay Area and the issues that participants explored during the trip. The front of this bookmark outlines the goals of the trip and the guiding scripture; the back offers facts about the Bay Area and lists recommended reading.

Latest Bulletin inserts

2016 Thank Offering Bulletin Inserts

Use these bulletin inserts to promote giving to the Thank Offering in your congregation, presbytery or synod. Three bulletin inserts are included in this file; each one highlights a different recipient of a grant from the 2015 Thank Offering, and the life-changing work your gifts have made possible. Give now so that more life-changing ministries can be funded in 2017 from the 2016 offering. Note: These bulletin inserts are sized to fit on a half sheet of paper. They are available, preprinted in a package of 30 (10 each of the three) from PDS ($3/pkg.).

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PW's Presbyterian Home for Children Mission Tour Application

The Presbyterian Home for Children was founded in 1865 by a group of Presbyterian Women in northeast Alabama to care for orphans and widows of the Civil War.  Over the last 150 years, how that care is given has changed but always focuses on providing children with a safe, loving, Christian atmosphere. 

Join Presbyterian Women on a tour of the Presbyterian Home for Children, March 27–31, 2017. The trip is limited to 14 participants, based on date registration is received. So apply soon! The deadline for applying is February 27, 2017.

The cost for the mission trip is $250 ...

Latest Liturgy and worship aids

Installation Service for PW leaders

Recognize and bless the Presbyterian Women leaders in your congregation or presbytery with this installation service. Written by Jeanne Anderson from Coastal Carolina Presbytery, it draws on themes from Presbyterian Women's Come to the Waters Bible study.

If you're looking for other installation service possibilities, subscribe to Horizons and you'll receive an installation service in the March/April issue each year.

Latest Manuals and policies

Appropriate Questions for Interviews

There  are  a  variety  of  federal  and  state  laws  which  prohibit  most  employers  from  asking  certain 
questions  of  job  applicants,  such  as  their  race,  national  origin  or  disability  status.  However,  the  U.S. 
Supreme  Court  has  carved  out  a  “ministerial  exception”  for  religious  institutions,  including  churches, 
presbyteries,  and  synods.  

Latest Video, audio and multimedia

2016 Pentecost Offering Video

"We were glad to share not only God's Good News with you but also our lives because we cared for you so much."
--1 Thessalonians 2:8

The Pentecost Offering is devoted to ministries that support our young people during their "first third of life," the time from childhood through young adulthood.

Supporting congregational ministries with children, youth and young adults, as well as Presbyterian Mission Agency ministries with youth, the Young Adult Volunteer Program, and the national Educate a Child Initiative.

Watch online here.

Latest Publications and periodicals

신학적 소양 (Theological Competence)에 대한 시험

신학적 소양에 대한 시험은 미국 장로교의 개혁 전통 내에서 목사 후보생이 성서와 고전과 현대의 신학적 통찰들을 사용하는데 있어서 사역에 얼마나 준비되어 있는지를 평가해 줍니다. 

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Gratitude Word Cloud

Celebrate the many blessings Presbyterian Women recognized in their lives.

Latest Reports and study guides

Examen de adoración y sacramentos

Este examen deberá evaluar la comprensión del(a) candidato(a) sobre el significado y propósito de la adoración corporativa y de los Sacramentos, la familiaridad con el Directorio para la Adoración y el Libro de Confesiones, y su aplicación a la vida en las comunidades de adoración.