Research Services, an office of the Presbyterian Mission Agency, has recently released the 2012 edition of its annual publication, Comparative Statistics. The booklet ― compiled using data reported on session annual statistical reports and other sources ― reports statistics about PC(USA) membership, ministers, and finances. 

Findings from Comparative Statistics 2012 include:

  • More than half of Presbyterian congregations (54%) are considered small, having 100 or fewer members.  The median Presbyterian congregation has 93 members.
  • More than four in ten Presbyterians (42%) live in the South, while 24% live in the Midwest, 20% in the Northeast, and 14% in the West.
  • One-third of active (non-retired) Presbyterian teaching elders (35%) are women, a percentage that has been steadily increasing.  In 2004, women represented 30% of active ministers.
  • A minority of Presbyterian congregations (20%) are without pastoral leadership.  The majority of congregations (52%) have an installed pastor, while 27% use other pastoral leadership (e.g., commissioned ruling elders, interim pastors, retired ministers, and other supply pastors).

Ida Smith, associate for research and information in Research Services, says “Comparative Statistics 2012 is a useful resource for a variety of people, from pastors planning sermons to congregational staff planning programs. Comparative Statistics 2012 helps put important denominational statistics at their fingertips.”

Comparative Statistics 2012 can be accessed here or ordered for $10 from Presbyterian Distribution Services by calling 800-524-2612 and requesting PDS #20056-13035.

Data for 2013 is being collected now, added Smith.