Vicente Guna, manager of technologies for the Office of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), has won a second place award for his story map, “The Genesis of Exodus,” from the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI).

Each year at its annual convention, ESRI presents awards for the best digital mapping projects of the year. “The Genesis of Exodus” was selected for its award from among nearly 1,000 entries in five categories. Guna was present in San Diego on July 13 to receive his award from Jack Dangermond, ESRI’s founder and CEO.

ESRI described “The Genesis of Exodus” this way: “Each year, tens of thousands of Central Americans attempt to cross into the United States. This customized Story Map Cascade app, available in English and Spanish, adeptly identifies and explains the root causes of Central American migration through maps, interactive charts, and oral histories.”

ESRI, the digital mapping pioneer founded in 1969, is now being used by some 350,000 businesses, government agencies, and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) around the world who collectively create some 150 million new maps every day. Over the years, the company has embraced such electronic technologies as computer workstations, personal computers (PCs), servers, the Web, and mobile devices.

Said Guna of his award, “It’s great to have an award—to have your work recognized as good. But let’s not forget the content—though it may be beautifully told, this is a terrible story about the horrors that push Central American immigrants to make the decision to flee their homes.”

View the story map.

총회 사무국(OGA)의 구나Guna는 권위있는 디지털 매핑상 수상
Guna de OGA gana prestigioso premio por su mapa conceptual digital