Book of Confessions - front cover 2016

The Co-Moderators of the 225th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) have appointed 16 individuals to serve on a special committee to consider a new confession. The Rev. Shavon Starling-Louis and the Rev. Ruth Faith Santana-Grace announced the appointees Monday.

Last year, the 225th General Assembly initiated a process asking that a new confession be written and to take under advisement the work of the Synod of the Northeast. The assembly also mandated that the special committee be formed no later than December 2024.

Special Committee to Write a New Confession

Edwin Aponte, Co-Moderator, Teaching Elder, Mid-Kentucky Presbytery, At-large
Margaret Aymer, Co-Moderator, Teaching Elder, Mission Presbytery, At-large
Jess Cook, Teaching Elder, The James Presbytery, At-large
Nagwa Fokunang, Church Member, Utah Presbytery, At-large
Jack Haberer, Teaching Elder, Mission Presbytery, At-large
Matt Hartley, Ruling Elder, Philadelphia Presbytery, At-large
Craig Howard, Teaching Elder, Chicago Presbytery, At-large
Byungil Kim, Teaching Elder, Philadelphia Presbytery, At-large
Magalene McClarrin, Ruling Elder, Long Island Presbytery, At-large
Kai Moore, Teaching Elder, New Castle Presbytery, At-large
Martha Moore-Keish, Teaching Elder, Greater Atlanta, At-large
Kristy Rodgers, Ruling Elder, Eastern Oklahoma Presbytery, At-large
Jeniffer Rodriguez, Teaching Elder, Hudson River Presbytery, At-large
Anthony Trujillo, Church Member, New York City Presbytery, At-large
Mirna Wasef, Ruling Elder, San Diego Presbytery, At-large
Charles Wiley, Teaching Elder, Greater Atlanta Presbytery, At-large 

“The writing of a confession that speaks of the intersection of our faith with the challenges of contemporary culture is one of the most important tasks to which a church is called,” said Starling-Louis and Santana-Grace in a joint statement. “It offers an unapologetic affirmation of how we are to embody our faith in the midst of real and present challenges reflected in systemic structures that perpetuate racism, injustices of all kinds and ecological indifference to the planet we call home. We are grateful for these saints who will put their hearts and pen to paper in an effort to offer words reflecting those values for a time such as this.”

The special committee will make a report at the 226th General Assembly in Salt Lake City in 2024. More information can be found on PC-Biz.