Kate Trigger Duffert

Kate Trigger Duffert. Image Provided

The Rev. Bronwen Boswell, Acting Stated Clerk of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), has named Ruling Elder Kate Trigger Duffert as director of General Assembly planning for the Office of the General Assembly. Trigger Duffert is no stranger to the workings of OGA and GA planning, having worked in the agency for four years. Her appointment comes at a critical time as the agency is now planning its third historic assembly that will include online committee meetings followed by in-person plenaries in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2024.

“I’m very excited to see Kate take on this new role with the Office of the General Assembly,” said Boswell. “She is a seasoned professional who already has the experience of working in several unique assemblies. She knows the church, understands how General Assembly works, and I believe she will bring new energy and creativity to the assembly planning process.”

Trigger Duffert began working for OGA in 2019 as a program assistant for GA Business. A year later, she was named manager of General Assembly Business and Per Capita. She says she’s ready for the challenge ahead.

“I’ve had the privilege over the years to build relationships across the church, between agencies, congregations, and mid council leaders,” she said. “I look forward to working with people at all levels to make this the church’s assembly. “

Trigger Duffert says General Assembly holds a special place in her heart. As a child of Presbyterian pastors, she attended her first assembly at the age of 6.

“I often tell people that General Assembly always felt like a church home because, as a pastor’s kid, we moved around a lot. I could show up at General Assembly and just be a part of the church,” she said. “God works with us and through us no matter how we gather. The creativity, flexibility, and openness that people are bringing to next year’s GA will provide a way for the sprit to speak to us in ways that we haven’t expected.”

Trigger Duffert will begin her new position on August. 15.