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Thinking the Faith, Praying the Faith, Living the Faith is written by the PC(USA) Office of Theology and Worship.

Thinking, praying, and living the faith is at the core of ministry in the Office of Theology and Worship. In the following videos, learn more about what thinking, praying, and living the faith means to the leadership of the Office of Theology and Worship. Discover why it matters and what difference it makes in our lives, work, and worship.  

Charles Wiley  
Barry Ensign-George
David Gambrell
Christine Hong 
Karen Russell

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September 30, 2010

Becoming a Pastor

This week I was pointed to an interview with Gardner C. Taylor on Duke’s Faith and Leadership site . I found one thing he said to be particularly good advice for ministers: “And no church elects a pastor. Churches elect...

September 28, 2010

Orandi, Credendi, Vivendi

Keep this under wraps – sub rosa – but there’s a cryptic Latin phrase lurking behind the deceptively simple title of our new blog: “Thinking, Praying, Living.” Lex orandi, lex credendi. Don’t say it out loud. You might turn a...

September 23, 2010

Going Forward

“You are such a P”. That is what my daughter says—my Meyers-Briggs obsessed daughter—when I revise my opinion and change my mind. You see those who are perceiving in the Meyers Briggs taxonomy aren’t people who stick with their decisions...

September 1, 2010

Mission and Staff

The Office of Theology and Worship of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) works in partnership with persons throughout the church, providing services and resources to help congregations strive for integrity in theology, worship, and mission. In so doing, we participate in the church's calling to love God and neighbor with heart, soul, and mind. The Office of Theology and Worship thus encourages the whole church—its congregations, ministers, and members—in faithful thinking, praying, and living.