222nd General Assembly (2016) Voting Tallies

Proposed Amendments to the Constitution

If the presbytery votes on amendments at more than one meeting, you may wait until all votes have been completed and report once, or report after each presbytery meeting—simply copy the form and transmit the votes after each meeting.

The deadline for reporting presbytery votes is June 25, 2017. However, in order to make changes and publish the 2017–19 Book of Order in a timely manner, receipt of votes prior to this deadline would be appreciated.

04/10/17 09:58a.m. EST


 Neg  No Action
16-A Child and Youth Protection Policy—On Amending G-3.0106 (Item 05-09) 107  3  
16-B Parity in Committees—On Amending G-3.0109 (Item 06-05)  98 11   
16-C Ordered Ministry Titles      
C.1 On Amending F-3.0202 (Item 06-08, Recommendation 1) 98  12  
C.2 On Amending G-2.0102 (Item 06-08, Recommendation 2)  98 12  
C.3 On Amending G-2.0301 (Item 06-08, Recommendation 3)  99  11  
C.4 On Amending G-2.05 and G-2.0501 (Item 06-08, Recommendation 4)  98  12  
C.5 On Amending G-2.0701 (Item 06-08, Recommendation 5)  98  12  
C.6 On Amending G-3.0307 (Item 06-08, Recommendation 6)  88 22   
C.7 On Amending Titles in the Directory for Worship and the Rules of Discipline (Item 06-08, Recommendation 7) 95 15   
C.8 On Amending W-4.4001a. (Item 06-08, Recommendation 8  98  12  
16-D Relationship to PC(USA) of a Person Who Has Renounced Jurisdiction of the Church      
D.1 On Amending G-2.0509 (Item 06-10, Recommendation 1)  86 22   
D.2 On Amending D-10.0401 (Item 06-10, Recommendation 2)  87  21  
16-E Certified Service Requirements—On Amending G-2.1101 (Item 06-15) 108  
16-F The Ministry of Members—On Amending G-1.0304 (Item 09-11)  104  
16-G Access to the Lord’s Table—On Amending W-2.4011a. and b. (Item 14-03)  97 3  
16-H Directory for Worship—On Replacing the Current Directory for Worship (Item 14-04)  94 6  
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  1. Here is our church in action. Ministers and Elders will be meeting together first to discuss and then to vote on these very important items. It is amazing to me how this system works.

    by robert h wright jr

    January 18, 2017

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